Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New knitting books, knitted scarf and a painting

I spent my morning having tea and breakfast with my friend and neighbor Linda. It was a lovely start to my day. Knitting and chatting is something I must make time for. I have started knitting myself a long narrow scarf which I will sew together at the ends to create a circle to wrap around my neck...forgotten the name of it but I will show you when I am done. I have chosen alpaca and merino. Nice and soft. Some of the yarn I have spun and dyed myself. Dinner tonight is completely organic and grown from our orchard. Beans, potato and pumpkin. It thrills me when I can make a whole meal from planting to harvesting to the table....

I too have been taking painting lessons and have produced quite a few works of art. This is my favorite...goes with my home and I have a spot waiting in my bedroom just for it. I find it romantic and have a passion for painting flowers in vases. The aim was to take the lessons and full my passage with my own art. It is cheaper.

These two new knitting books have sparked new ideas for Winter. I love them and can't wait to start on a new project. News around Say's this Winter is going to be a cold one and might come a little earlier. Every year I make these dreadful deals with myself that everyone will have a knitted beanie, scarf, blanket and cardigan..I have possibly 2 months to get all that right. Then I say to myself 'how can one prepare for Winter when your'e sipping lemonade in the sun!!'


morikomidori said...

hello, i thought i would unlurk for a moment to let you know that i have been reading and enjoying your posts very much.
i am most impressed with your painting, it's really beautiful. i particularly like the colours you have used and the over-all shape. both are very well balanced.
am feeling a little envious of your home grown veg too, my poor garden has been neglected this past year. i am sure your meal will be delicious. i'm about to go and make some lemon pancakes for my (grown up) children, they get just as excited about them now as they did when they were little.

warmest wishes


p.s. i do have a blog but am having a break from it at the moment.

suzanne said...


Thank you for popping by. I understand about breaking from ones blog. One tries to make it real, add creativity and write inspiring posts for others and sometimes it all just gets too much. Time away is good as you come back inspired and ready for the next phase in your life.

Thank you for your compliments and I do hope you get your veggie garden up and running soon~

Warm regards
to you Sumea

Unknown said...

Hi Suaznne!

I am so glad my package FINALLY made it to you! Let me know how your seeds do! You should be able to plant some of the false indigo now and see it bloom -- it can be pretty hardy and hang around a bit as winter starts to roll in :)

Tonya Gunn said...

Oh Suzanne - your paining is just beautiful! How wonderful to be taking a class and using your gifts.
Warm wishes,

Lori ann said...

i love everything suzanne, your beautiful wool, the books, and your truly lovely painting.

the scarf is going to be so pretty, i love the colors you've chosen. i have my grandmothers knitting, and love reading the stories in it. i've recently made the fiddlers mitts. the rowan book looks good too, i always love their patterns (and wool).

enjoy your wonderful homegrown meal!
xxx lori

Linda said...

Dear Suzy,
Breakfast was lovely yesterday, I really enjoyed our chat and knitting together.

Your scarf is going to be lovely and warm. Your painting is so beautiful my friend, the colours are amazing, it will look perfect in your bedroom.

See you later for Kye's birthday.
xo xo

Shirley-Ann said...

Hi Suzanne

I love the colors of your yarn. I think that it is called a cowl. I whipped up a couple before our winter started and must say that I don't know if I could ever go back to scarfs! It has been pretty chilly here and I cannot wait to be rid of winter and enjoy some warmer -and brighter- weather.
Love your painting! Well done! I wish I had the time to just sit and paint - I have to suffice with our nature journal entries for now ;o)
Shirley Ann

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your paining success!


Susan said...

Dearest Suzanne, I'm so far behind, but hopefully I'll finally get your Christmas present out soon. Your painting is just beautiful and I'm thinking...is there anything you can't do?? I'm also wishing we lived closer so I could create my peonies in paper to match your painting.
Will catch up soon, I promise. XOXO

W-S Wanderings said...

Your painting is wonderful! I love the romance of it. And your plan to fill your passage with your own paintings is inspiring. If only I could paint.

Your cowl colours are GORGEOUS! My friend recently knit me a cowl, and I LOVE that it doesn't get in the way when I wash my hands in the public washrooms at the hockey arenas. It drives me CRAZY when the end of my scarf end up touching the public sinks. Ick!

Jayne said...

Love the colours of your wool - beautiful! Don't you just love Rowan - I managed to buy quite a few of their magazines on eBay and they are gorgeous. And your painting is lovely - your passageway will be beautiful. Can't wait to see some more paintings.

suzanne said...

Good day to all

Thank you very much~

Lots of love

Fiona said...

What a gorgeous painting! You are so talented. That is exactly the type of painting I'm wanting to hang in my soon-to-be craft room ... Maybe I should take lessons, too! Well done. Just lovely!

Heidi said...

Hello Suzanne,
It is always so nice to meet with friends for a chat...Your painting is beautiful!...Have a great week ahead...Heidi

Unknown said...

Hi, you are multi-talented. After being a busy professional you are a well household mother too..