Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brogan's 15th Birthday

A happy Birthday to my Brog~! 15, beautiful and confident. Her lively spirit astounds me. She has chosen her direction in life with unbelievable passion and maturity. 15 years seems to have just raced passed me. My goodness I hope they slow down long enough for me to breathe and spend quality time with her before she heads off galloping into a career she is aiming for. We love our time together. How different to when she was my one and only. Gulp! was that 15 years ago. Home birthed laying by my side as we both silently investigated each other. The smells, the first touch...oh my emotions have not changed much. As she embarks her teenage years, I still tread as though this is all so new to me.

Little POODIE started the Birthday Song today...isn't that poodle just so sweet. Beanie played with the wrapping paper~ Birthday presents of jewels, perfumes and boy bands...and of course Taylor Launtner~ All Good ~ All good~

Love to you


softearthart said...

Oh the joy of being 15, cheers Marie

Lori ann said...

oh my goodness suzanne! brog is absolutly gorgeous! happy birthday to your girl, and you to too mama. i wonder too, where the time does go?
enjoy and embrace these next teen years, they are so special. just as when your baby took her first steps away from you, towards her independance, these steps towards adulthood can be filled with wonder and fear. the terrific two's and teens are so much alike.

xxx lori

Donna said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl. Mine is 16 and I can not believe how quickly the years have flown by!

Unknown said...

How nice :) Happy belated birthday!

Susan said...

I remember that time with my girls like it was yesterday. Special wishes to your beautiful daughter and love to you, mama.

Kelly said...

Suzanne,happy belated birthday to beautiful Brogan. May she have a truly special 15th year. What an incredible young woman she is becoming. That top picture of Brogan is definitely one to treasure. How time slips through our fingers so but all so well lived and loved. Love to you, Kelly