Thursday, November 10, 2011

Celebrating Aaron's 12th Birthday

Flashback......Its the 10th November 1999. I am exhausted and overly large. My birthing pool has been cleaned and heated more than 10 ten times by now (such a caring hubby). Andrew is frustrated and wants to poke a hole in my birthing pool . I insist on clean water (certainly no chemicals) and the perfect temperature just incase he comes... Aaron is 2 weeks over due. One large sob and a big 'feeling very sorry for myself', I head off to bed thinking that I could just not carry this big big babe another day. In the early hours of the morning this beautiful big 4.5 kilogram baby looking just like his Father, became ours to love and to hold, nurture and cherish.

Such a relaxed morning opening up special thoughtful gifts. Its a full moon tonight and we plan to sit under it soaking up its good energy drinking something cool as it is so very hot. . Aaron, a very happy birthday to you~!



Susan said...

The children are growing up so fast...they do that, you know. Almost a teenager, as he probably has reminded you.
Have a Happy Birthday, Aaron; enjoy the wonderful celebration. XOXO

Kelly said...

My sista, surely it cannot be that your Aaron is 12!!! Goodness! Wishing your wonderful boy - or should I say young man - a truly special day. Love to you too as you remember this day and each year this day on your son's birthday.

suzanne said...

Thank you to both you special friends

Yes Susan I get reminded that he will be a teenager soon. Why is it that it is just not the line you want your young ones to cross...I suppose after that its a fast flying couple of years until they leave home...just can't think of that.

my Sista Kelly~ my boy is growing...those bugs and slugs no longer interest him too much anymore. I caught him with a pair of sunglasses on yesterday~ too cool to quickly

Love to you both

Theresa said...

Many blessings to him!