Friday, November 18, 2011

Mousehole village Christmas crafting

Welcome to 'Mowzil" Christmas Special~ I hope to share my Christmas ideas with you throughout this coming Christmas season. Like many of you, my hands have worked non stop trying to get my Christmas swaps and pressies out in time to cross the channel to various homes around the World. Last night I finally finished and as my needle embroidered the last little snowflake, I turned to Andrew and confirmed that I just Love, adore homemade gift making ( this of course was not the case a week ago when I thought this was all never going to end...) The feeling of the fiber, the colors of the fabric, the smell of the pure wool felt, the complete world I escape too. Most often late at night...I can just imagine the fresh pine branch these decorations will hang on year after year.

Well, I suppose these decorations could be Christmas tree hangers, strung onto a garland or placed at your Christmas nature table.

The geese knitted with pure cotton are from the book 'Irreststable gifts to knit' by Alan Dart....I used ribbon to add detail.
The Christmas trees and disc felt characters although a variation in pattern are from the book 'Fa la la la Felt' by Amanda Carestio.......
The embroidery hoop is a design of my own made from natural linen and cotton, pure wool felt and pure wool dyed with 'cochineal'. Most welcome to try it. The carrot is wet felted by rubbing a bit of fleece together between your palms. This creates the pointed carrot nose. The scarf is just a cast on of 4 stitches knitted st st until desired length for across the neck and a seperate piece for the piece hanging down. The lavender sachet I used natural linen and odd bits of fabric sewed together and filled with dried garden lavender.

The Cute Snowman pattern I am happy to share just leave me a message. I am not the greatest at writing patterns and If ever I find a stitch out of place or left over, it just gets knitted, its a shabby chic design of 'hope it works out!'

Happy gift making to you


peawink said...

Oh, I would so love you knitted snowman pattern - he's is absolutely adorable!

suzanne said...

Thank you Jovita

I will pop over to your blog soon to share this little snowman with you.

Warm regards

charlotte said...

You have done all that!! wow!! Well I too have been busy and all I can say is keep an eye out for the postman! x x x

Unknown said...

Love all your crafty godness! Would love your snowman pattern. My little saw it and now wants ones.

Susan said...

I love the sweetness of gift giving...especially from one's hands. These are keepsakes and I know the recipients will covet them always. Love you, XOXO

natalie said...

I absolutely love the snowman. I would love the pattern if you are sharing!
I have two handmade holiday posts at my brand new blog:
www.plain-jane-remembrances.blogspot .com

Tonya Gunn said...

Just beautiful Suzanne. I think I am going to try the wool trees - just adorable.
Thank you for sharing and warm wishes to you!

W-S Wanderings said...

Oh, you *have* been ever so busy! Wow! Your creations are a delight, as usual. Lucky, lucky recipients of these wonders! And I giggled at the "shabby chic knitter", cuz I'm thinkin' that's my knit style too :-)

I'd love to have that snowman pattern. The snowman would make a fabulous addition to the advent stick (and destined for the seasonal table).

softearthart said...

Oh Suzanne, I adore the tree, and everything is so pretty, cheers Marie

liebchenhut said...

Hello dear Suzanne- your exquisite, endearing style is present in each of your Christmas pieces! Well done and may you enjoy the fruits of your labors this Christmas season. ;)

Babe said...

Hi Suzanne,
I just found your blog and think it's wonderful!
Would you mind sharing your snowman pattern with me?

Thank you!

Rosa said...

Son unos diseños preciosos, me ha encantado ese muñequito de nieve.
Un abrazo.

Suzanne said...

Ooooh I love all your creations! You have been busy:-)

Mike said...

I love the nose of the fabric snowman. It looks just like a carrot.