Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mousehole Village crafting~

So here he is...this is for Daniel. This gorgeous baby needs a cute gift this year. This soft toy is an adaption to a pattern I have spotted so I have no illustrations. The fabric I used is Amy Butler, some lovely natural linen and organic valor. I suppose you can call it a 'Bunny gnome!'. So, my Homemade Christmas gifts are well underway. Last year I belted out that it was 'homemade Christmas' and I got so few done...This year I am determined to walk the talk~!

My mousehole inspiration moment is my old kitchen cabinet that I brought in from the veranda. I gave it a good clean out and added some greengate favorites.. The added fairy lights always bring the best atmosphere into my kitchen. I love tins and jugs. I always say a change is as good as a holiday so, this home gets moved around allot~!

A happy day to you~
Warm regards


Suzanne said...

Absolutely adorable Suzanne!

Tonya Gunn said...

That bunny is just so sweet Suzanne, not to mention that little baby:)
I am going to have a Handmade Holiday Sharing on Mondays at Plain and Joyful Living.
Thinking of you.
Warm wishes, Tonya

softearthart said...

A wonderful bunny and babe,

cheers Marie

Sarah said...

How cute!

Kelly said...

Hello my sista
Little Daniel looks so beautiful. What a blessing he is to your family. And your crafting - incredible! A very special gift that will always be treasured I am sure. I am sure you are enjoying spring in your garden. Our young cockerel silkie crowed for the first time on Saturday. What a happy crow. The boys were jumping with delight! Love to you and have a happy day today.

Susan said...

Both the gift and Daniel are adorable beyond words--you are so creative. XOXO

charlotte said...

ultra ultra cute!

ani said...


i have a just 10 month old and i've been looking for a sweet baby to make for him for christmas. where did you find the pattern for the cute bunny?



woolies said...

Love the bunny, and everything else too! Fairy Lights! woohoo!! Such a beautiful babe.

Beth said...

So cute!! Suzanne, I had to laugh when I saw the adorable bunny...I have been working up a bunny pattern too, made out of linen and cute prints - I made a sample, but not quite pleased with it yet so still working.
Little baby Daniel is soooo precious!! What a treasure ^_^

Shirley-Ann said...

I just love that bunny Suzanne! So cute and beautifully made! I always love peeking into your home ;o)

Akela Joy said...

Great blog - glad you mentioned it to me and I remembered the name! Had to rush home and take a looke! What a treasure trove!

suzanne said...

Thank you all ..

So happy you like the gnome Bunny~

I will visit soon Ani and let you know..

Have a happy day

Vicki Boster said...

That baby is so precious! He is going to love the bunny - it is a wonderful toy - and I love the fabrics that you used!

Your buffet is fabulous - love the banner - the colors - the way you have it all displayed.

It is just all so beautiful -


valarie said...

What a great cupboard you've brought in. Really lovely. Your little gnome rabbit is just too cute and I'm sure little Daniel is loving it. He is such a beautiful baby.