Friday, July 16, 2010

Country living inspiration

I know you have all been here...Its that time in Winter where you feel you've been pushed a Little too far. I now need my warmth of a new Season. Although it has been pretty cold lately, I have enjoyed this Winter to all others. I prepared myself mentally for the days I would spend at the fire place and moments at my knitting window where the sun rays would gently touch my knitting needles. I have enjoyed our 4 O'clock tea times and our days of baking in the kitchen with the children. I have chosen a few photographs to inspire . For the country living at heart. My dear friend who painted my beautiful blog picture of the meadow, painted my lovely little country wooden village. I long to add light for night time so that it looks like some little fairy's have made a home there. Old lace and home decor inspires me through this time~

I am 3 months into my raw food journey. I have had the most wonderful highs and quite a couple of lows. I have found it difficult eating raw for the first time in Winter but Andrew has really been incredibly supportive and has often prepared side by side with me . Our juicing is our main food source. Andrew has made sure we have a constant supply of wheat grass and sunflower seedlings to juice. We make a super food smoothie every morning for all of us. Lunch is generally a big lovely salad. Most often goodies taken from the garden. Lots of nuts. Coconut oil has become a new friend to me. I make so many things with raw cacao and cacao butter. Cold nights have been tough but we have got by with warming our bowls and heating soups with warmer water. Dehydrating is my new friend too. I have made really nice snacks and raw breads. I have stated previously that I have made some dreadful flops too. I have come to a point in the journey where I feel the need to add a percentage of cooked food. Right now all I am excited to do is a cooked butternut or potato. So what that percentage will be has to be carefully worked out. What I do know, is that we have never felt more healthier and alive. Eating live food is a simple gift given to us with a promise of good health. I for one am hooked~


Angela said...

I too enjoy color and light. It can be hard in the Winter though. You get food from the garden in Winter?! Here our ground is frozen solid. Your tea times sound lovely and wonderfully slow. I wish we had such a thing here is the US. Thanks for sharing. Peace, Angela

Susan said...

Dear friend~I admire you so much for following a raw diet. I do it in small amounts, but not totally. However, juicing is a wonderful source and I want to try growing my own wheat grass to add to my morning pick-me-up.

I love seeing your country home and imagining I'm there for 4:00 tea. I use to wish the winters go by fast, but now, since losing Kelly, I wish I had more.

Take care and I'm sending some sunshine because you warm my heart.

I love you, Susan

Tonya Gunn said...

It is really interesting read about your raw food journey - thank you for sharing. I know it is something we need to incorporate more of into our diet.
Love your country photos too.
Warm wishes, Tonya

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh my dear Suzanne,

I TRIED it, took a wonderful cooking class called "Raw and Living Foods," and I felt good, but I love the scent of food baking, grilling, etc. and that is what kept tugging at me.

I wish you the very BEST of luck. I'll keep checking on you. Do you have avocados there? I make a wonderful cold avocado soup with buttermilk and half and half. It sustained me.

Love and best,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

kyndale said...

How exciting to hear that you are doing a raw diet. I don't know if I could do that but I have been really, really enjoying our juicing. I do it three days a week and I feel so alive the days I do.

Sharon Lovejoy said...


Yes, yes, we have fireflies. July is the month for them in Maine and our front meadow (by the sea) is filled with them. They really did come out in force the night of our picnic on the porch.

Here is the avocado soup recipe, which is probably one of the most delectable things you'll EVER taste. I am going to post this on my next blog entry, but I'm sending it along to you to use before then.

3 avocados
2 cups buttermilk
1 cup half and half
1/3 cup walnut pieces
1/3 cup chopped dill (plus more for garnish)
1/3 cup diced red onion
1 tablespoon vinegar (I use seasoned rice vinegar)
1 1/2 teaspoons sea salt
Blend and chill one hour before serving (not longer or the avocado turns dark)

I GUARANTEE that you will hear only moans of delight as you and your family feast on this.

Joys to you,


Jeanene said...

Hi Suzanne, Your garden looks so beautiful, and manicured reminicent of those I loved in France. It's been hard to enjoy many raw food recipes here in Dominican Republic as we are very limited with what we can grow. The climate being so hot and humid. We do have a least two side dishes of raw food at every meal and the children have all their snacks of fruit throughout the day from all the fruits, coconuts, mangos, sugarcane and avocados - cultured butter and cream, yogurt. So nice to hear about your raw food journey. Your children are so precious with their little SA flags!!

Dina said...

From where I am standing I will be more than happy to swop seasons. It is tooo hot here at the moment.
I have to admit that so far I cannot understand or make myself interested enough to try raw food but it is interesting to read about it and how other's do it. Maybe you can post a recipe or two for us curious eaters out here. I love your country photos and am so inspired to incorporate this look into the house we are renovating.

Kelly said...

Hi my dear friend,
Lovely to read your words. How I love the idea of your 4 o'clock teas. You really have my respect at how well you are doing with your raw food diet. I am way too easy on myself and making simple dietary changes can really challenge giving up that comforting hot cocoa habit I developed last winter..with sugar added ...eek!

Allison said...

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks so much for stopping at my blog. It is lovely to find fellow south africans online. Wow, i am really inspired by your raw food diet. Especially in winter. I can only imagine how healthy you must feel. Are the kids on it too? I dont know if it is just wishful thinking but i am pretending that it is getting warmer here in JHB. Complete insanity i am sure!


Ps: I have changed my profile and do have a followers link. Would be wonderful for you to join.

angel love said...

Lovely post and lovely photos as always :)

BTW, I wanted to let you know I've passed on "A Blog With Substance" award to you over at :)

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