Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bottles of Music

We have had such a lovely introduction into the world of Physics . To end Brogan's block, yesterday our activity was a project showing different notes using bottles with varying quantities of coloured water. Aaron is busy doing measurements in Maths so he got to do all the measuring. Olivia got to do all the pouring and Brogan tied the bottles and got to play some lovely Music.


Ariad said...

Don't you love 'practical' lessons, they resonate with the children soooo much more than lessons from a text book.

What a great idea, I'll have to try this, my kids would love it.

Anonymous said...

I like the title of your post!
What a fun activity, the kids must have enjoyed it!
Your shop is looking very festive! : )

suzanne said...

Hi Ariad

I am definitely a child who would have greatly benefitted from practical lessons. I still need to sometimes see things in action before I grasp them. I am sure your little ones would enjoy this.

Warm regards

suzanne said...

Hi Nichole

We love going to the continental shops and purchasing their pure Italian fruit juices. The horder that I am could not let go of the bottles and yes 2 years later, I did need them!

I was hoping more Esty shop sellers would get into the spirit of "Christmas in July " but it looks like I am the only one feeling a little Christmasy...

Thank you Nichole.

Have a great day

Tammy said...

I bet the music was beautiful. What a fabulous lesson...

Kelly said...

Looks like a fun, practical activity and I love the way each of your children enjoyed and participated at their own levels. Lucky children!

suzanne said...

Hello Kelly

It is great to involve them all in Brogan's projects. When Aaron has something, we all do that together too. Olivia sure will know much more than the others did at this age.

Thank you for poping by

Warm regards

suzanne said...

Hello Tammy

Happy to see you visiting. I was holding thumbs that it would and it did sound good. I wish I had been taught in this way.

Happy day to you
Warm regards

Lisa said...

Suzanne, I just love love love this! I love to see "spirit bottles" in the trees, adding colored water makes them even more magical. I must do this with my girls!

Lisa ;)

suzanne said...

Thank you so much Lisa

I have left them hanging in our tree and through the day some little one finds time to make music. We have had some good sounds emerging...

Thank you for visiting
Warm regards

nocton4 said...

oh thats fab, love this x