Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Watermelon Award

I am so happy to have received this Happiness award from my dear friend Beth. She has a lovely blog called "road to joy" . Thank you Beth
I am most happy when:
- I am sitting with Andrew at night. All the kiddies are in bed and silence fills the home. I make us both a cup of tea and bring out the rusks and biscuits. Its my happy hour. I just love it.
- I am happy when I listen to my son read. I believe in waiting for the right moments for learning . Aaron has found that moment and he reads everything now. Its music to my ears.
- I am happy when I take my morning walk to my orchard and I am greeted by my cat and dog. I then get to the little wooden gate and I am greeted by my chickens. They all run up to me. I then head for the rabbits and give them a carrot. I am jumped on when I see them. I think my animals love me. That makes me happy.
- I am happy when I am cooking. I have such lovely cooking books and I love trying out new recipes.
- I am happy when I am knitting. Most happy indeed.
- I am happy being a Mom. I love it when my home is busy and loud.
So, I can't boast to always being happy but there are many reasons why I am.....


Tan Family said...

Congrats on the award! I love your happy things...

suzanne said...

Hi Jennifer

Nice to have you visit.

Happy day to you!

Warm regards

nocton4 said...

wonderful, happy times xx