Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Aphrodite's Fountain Restaurant

For Brogan's Greek block, one of her projects was to open her own Greek restaurant. She gave the restaurant the lovely name of "Aphrodite's Fountain" She planned the menu from start to finish. We went shopping together and she prepared a lovely three course meal with two options for each course. The back ground music was the theme music from " the big fat Greek wedding" This made for a fantastic atmosphere. On went the apron and out came the order book. Starters were Torn pita bread bits with olive paste and tomato and feta or Hummus and olive bread sticks. Main course - Halloumi chicken pasta dish infused with a hint of mint or pasta with tomato and basil. Desert was baklava or full cream Greek yoghurt with crushed pumpkin seeds and nuts for a topping and pure organic honey drizzled on top.

It was a great success. Well done Brogan.


Lovey said...

Oh that looks like great fun!


Tammy said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

The girls and I are completely stunned at how beautiful the table setting looked, how delicious the menu sounds, and how wonderful it sounds.

HUGE kudos from me and all 3 of my girls!


suzanne said...


Brogan is a chef in the making. This is what I really LOVE about homeschooling. Finding your passion and having complete freedom and time to work on it. That what I see with your girls too Tammy. They look so happy. Isn't it great...


Kelly said...

What a rewarding project. Learning by doing like this is definitely what it's all about.
Well done to your girl, Suzanne.

suzanne said...

Thank you Kelly

She had fun. Ancient greece has been a lovely block.

I will give Brogan your message.


nocton4 said...

heavenly xx