Monday, March 2, 2009

Swinging on the Ol' backyard tree

The old faithful tree in the backyard has seen seasons come and go. Has seen child and baby spend many a happy hour swinging. Its used for climbing, gives us the most beautiful shade cover for summer picnics and is home to many a mama bird and baby. Sigh... I love my tree


Beth said...

What a beautiful tree filled with beautiful children! We have a big ol' mulberry tree in our backyard. It's huge, shades half our house, and we love it! In fact, it is the reason we bought this house. I am totally serious. Our realtor took us in the back yard to show us the tree before he showed us the house! It was love at first sight....

suzanne said...

Hi Beth

I am going to post a photograph of this tree in Summer. It is covered in the most beautiful pink blossoms. It usually blooms just a few days before christmas. I know its my christmas gift from above. We use the tree for party's and picnic's . I do understand purchasing your house for the tree. Its seen life happening through so many years. Lovely.


Melisa & Erik Nielsen said...

I do love your blog, such pretty pictures! Have a wonderful day!


suzanne said...

Hi Melisa

Thank you for your kind words.

Enjoy your day too.

Warm regards

Kelly said...

What a lucky tree to be loved so!
I've left an award for you on my blog. Thank you for your friendship and all your creativity and aspects of your lovely life and family you share.
Have a lovely day.

Lisa said...

What beautiful memories your children will have of that ol' tree! :)

suzanne said...

Thank you Lisa

I do remember spending most of my playing childhood up in trees. Everyone needs one..

Warm regards