Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have received another happiness award . This time from Bohemianmumma so I have added some more happiness' to my list

Happiness is...
The excitement of Olivia finding eggs every morning as if they were our very first .
Taking walks with the bug man. Every treasure is a diamond. Every bug is the best he has ever found.
My brogan's poetry. It makes me happy to see her being so creative.
My discovery of a new step in my philosophy. I can wait for ages for the next level and when it comes, I see sunshine.....
My animals bring me great happiness too.
My organic vegetables that come from the good mother earth.
Making my precious man a cup of tea after the children have gone to bed.
Feeling the words"silence is golden". (when every ones asleep)
Watching my children unfold . Life is their teacher
Receiving a parcel....mmmm more wool
Decorating my home. My passion for the shabby french country look.
Blogging...I cannot explain it but I do enjoy it so..
Some more happiness.....
-Living in a beautiful country with abundant sunshine.
-Having moved from mine to mine as a child, happiness for me is being able to provide a home and one town for my children to live in. Here memories are made and there is security of familiarity around.
-I knit with a wonderful African lady who has had a very tough life rearing her son on her own. She helps me with my knitting business and we have become good friends. Her happiness being in my home makes me happy.
- going to my local post office (which is very small) and being greeted by name. The staff there are very friendly and I always leave with a smile.
- Knitting with my neighbour. We both have a passion for wool and creating. A cuppa tea and some clicking needles makes for a happy afternoon.
_ Collecting organic raw honey from my local honey supplier. The bees buzz around us as we help take the honey off the comb. Its a wonderful experience .


Frogcreek said...

I love reading all this happiness, and nodding my head too. Thanks for playing.-K

suzanne said...

Thanks for that opportunity. I can't tell you when last I acually wrote down what made me happy.
Thank you