Tuesday, October 28, 2008

knitted farm animals

These are my knitted sheep and pigs. Knitting like crazy to gather stock.


Carle said...

Hi Sue,

What are you building up stock for? You sound soo busy!

As Im sure you have seen, I have been going mad with natural dyes. It so soooooo much fun!

Next week end I will be doing my frist Indigo dye bath. I am so excited.


suzanne said...

Hi Carle

I have sent you a message. I used one of your addresses hope you get it. I am knitting for an order and stocking up for my new shop "down in the meadow". Will keep you posted.

Keep well

Linda said...

Your knitted animals look lovely Suz and your shop is going to be fantastic! Enjoy the journey!!

Lots of love


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