Sunday, October 26, 2008

Olivia's Birthday Shoes

I just had to post this. She just loves them. They started off looking rather smart this morning and ended up covered in chicken poop by this afternoon. Olivia just loves the orchard and her chickens are her friends. ..


Anonymous said...

I love these shoes!! Did you buy them that way, or did you decorate them? I love your blog. I just discovered it tonight, and I should go to bed, but I can't wait to see the wonderful pictures on the next post and I keep hitting the older post button instead of going to bed!!

suzanne said...

Hello Tanya

The shoes came that way. Cute hey. Olivia loves to dress up. Blogging is very addictive and I often burn the ol' candle late into the night reading up on all those inspirational mama's out there. Thank you for visiting

Warm regards

Anonymous said...

lol! This is so great!!!
And I am doing right now what the comment above me has said... should go to bed, but instead staying up to read *all* of your beautiful posts! : )

suzanne said...

Hi Nichole

You are my funniest fan!....I think you need to go to sleep now....