Friday, February 22, 2013

Its been a while ..So let me start with the GIRLS..

I dont even need to explain as I am sure most of you get to a point in your blogging world that you just cant write another post. I really have just lived life here having had so many unbelieveable days and experiences. I thought for the record I would just block out last year as one of the greatest learning times of my life. Andrew and I were involved in an attempted high jacking around this time last year. It was frightening and we had no idea if we were going to live or not. The months through the year had been tough. A couple of months later my dear Nephew Matthew was shot and murdered. Another blow at facing life head on and moving through intense emotions. So, Its not been easy but life moves on like a powerful ocean , to one day land on the beach as a wave, ready to enjoy sunny days and joy again. Here are my girls Brogan and Olivia. I call it metaphorphosis ~ Does growing up with girls bring an electric energy in your household? Hair, perfume, make up, music and boys...My poor poor Buddie. How he manages I just dont know. A happy day to you~X~


Hope said...

That is so scary, Suzanne! I am very glad you all are OK. I often take for granted our safety here in the US. The girls are absolutely beautiful and getting big so fast. SO glad to hear from you over here on your blog. I still love to check in on you all :)

eidolons said...

My kids have rediscovered the toys you made for them (remember that swap so long ago?). It's made me think about you and wonder how you are. Glad to see that you're still around and doing the best that you can. *hugs*

Sharon Lovejoy said...

WELCOME back dear Suzanne. I knew you were going through lots of emotions, changes, feelings, and now have a clearer picture of it all. Really though, it was none of our business EXCEPT what you wanted us to make a part of our lives.

I was so happy to find your words on my blog today. You know that I have dropped by to check on you.

I send love far, far, across the many miles. Healing takes a long time and there are always scars.

Your beautiful, beautiful girls. How did they grow up so quickly.


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh, forgot to mention that our little Christmas tree was hung with your wonderful and much appreciated ornaments. They're a family tradition now.


Susan said...

I don't know where to Christmas, when Ari was here, he placed the sweet ornaments you made and my thoughts drifted to wondering how you were. I wasn't more aggressive in bothering you because of Matthew and knowing those years after Kelly's passing, I just wanted to climb into a hole.
I do want to say your girls are beautiful (and not just on the outside)-but radiate a glow of loveliness that comes from their mum and dad. I've missed you and can't even imagine how you survived everything, but then, I know why I was drawn to you. Your strength helped me through my rough time and I hope you know how very much I appreciate and love you for that friendship. I'm happy you've found your voice once more, XOXO

suzanne said...

Its so wonderful to be back already. I knew that I had made many loving friends who if did not know what I was going through, still kept me in their thoughts. I always knew that blogging would bring me into the hearts and homes of kindred spirits.

Thank you all so much for these lovely heart warming comments.

Love to you

Shirley-Ann said...

Glad you are back Suzanne. Been missing you and wondering how you are doing after 2012! I'm really hoping that life is a bit clearer for you now.

The girls are looking lovely. Our home is also full of makeup, perfume and hairspray too - LOL.

X Shirley

Erin said...

Suzanne! You've been missed dearly. I have about four blogs bookmarked that I check in on a few days a week and yours is one of them. I kept checking and checking and thought more than once of sending you a message but I also thought that some healing was needed after the loss of your nephew. I didn't know of the attempted crime; it sounds terrifying. I imagine it will take some time to process all of the emotions and I wish you the best.

Maybe I should just chalk up my lack of posting on my own blog to a year of busyness and forget about trying to "catch up." It's a hard thing for me to do as I tend to feel like I must have everything in order. :)

Your girls are beautiful creatures - sometimes I forget to really look at people and when I do take the time to truly look at them, I'm nearly brought to tears by the beauty. It's funny because I often look at animals and am struck by their perfection, how amazing every detail is in beauty and function and yet I don't always look at humans with the same eye and when I do, it's a magical moment.
You've inspired me to do a catch up post starting with "my girls." Newly 13 and 10, they're changing into little women right before my eyes.

So lovely to "hear" from you!



Jessica Allen said...


Oh my goodness...I honestly don't expect you to remember me, but I am Jessica (formerly at Foursquare Schoolhouse and now, Only Small Things). You were so kind to me while I was in treatment for breast cancer in 2009/2010 and we have a mutual friend, sweet Kelly at Freeflowing Ways.

I've dropping by from there in fact. I'm so sorry. Sorry to hear about the hijacking attempt and even moreso, your loss of Matthew.

I was shocked to see how your girls have grown -- and of course, as everyone has mentioned, they look so grown up...and lovely!

Best to you and your family...


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