Monday, February 25, 2013

Can you be a Mama to a pumpkin~?

And can I call them my babes??? .... Its pumpkin harvest day today and finally the nurturing can end. The large Connecticut, the traditional 'Jack O'lantern pumpkin has been picked. I have risked life and limb for this years harvest. I have run out into our last really bad hail storm to cover each precious one. I have gathered straw on a regular basis to cover them from the Sun. I have chased away colonies of ants that have gathered under them for shade for fear of rotting them. The flat bright deep orange pumpkin is the organic heirloom Rouge Vif D'Etampes. The beautiful flattened Cinderella pumpkin. This very old French heirloom was the most common pumpkin at Paris markets back in the 1880's. I have not seen these in South Africa before and so my excitment which probably won't be yours, has been unbelievable! I also planted other French varieties which came up too. So, for us this year I have decided to store them on our veranda. First of all because they are so deeply golden that they need to remind me of Summer through our Winter months. Secondly, Mr Darcy's almost finished day bed will be arriving soon and I would like to place him right next to the pumpkins for his afternoon siesta's and thirdly, something tells me they might last longer out there.... Always fortunate, always grateful, most blessed in this wannabe French English country style homestead (A person's or family's residence, which comprises the land, house, and outbuildings) A happy day to you X


softearthart said...

They are just wonderful, you have done well nurturing them along,

Love and light from a very dry corner of New Zealand, Marie

Lori ann said...

those are absoultely your pumpkin babies! what a beautiful lot!

i was so sad to read your previous entree suzanne, what scary and sad happenings to you last year. i wish this year brings much joy and happiness to you and yours.

Susan said...

All you lovely, hard work paid off--these are beautiful pumpkin babes! XOXO

Shirley-Ann said...

They look wonderful as well they should after all that nurturing!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness neighbour, your pumpkins are amazing!!

Kelly said...

Hello dear sista. It has been too long. Your pumpkins are incredible. Well done to you. I need to send you a long message to catch up and will do that soon. But know how often I think of you fondly. One day we will meet. I hope the last few months have brought you some peace after your sad and scary events. Such a difficult time. Your girls are looking so grown and beautiful.
Always your friend! Kelly

suzanne said...

Thanks Buddie

One of those coming your way soon!


suzanne said...

Kelly look forward to hearing from you. I know how life is so busy so all in good time.

Look forward to our visit together one day Sista Sista


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