Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Waking to a beautiful day

I awoke to this new day full of sunshine and new hope. Being thankful that we have a very supportive loving family. This little sunbird so small with a chirp so high pitched and sweet, rang out for me. This little bird has kept me on my toes this week trying ever so hard to capture it on camera. We dont get hummingbirds here but these almost equally small birds suck nectar from flowers. They are fast and move allot. The male has the color of a peacock feather on its chest and the female has a white chest and black body. Aaron and I spotted them for the first time last Winter and we are so happy to have them back again. Our wish is that their nest is hidden somewhere in our garden... Thank you for all your kind comments. The World does not stop to let you off during hard times like these and it is probably just as well it tells you to move on, press forward , all will be well~ My veranda that wraps the front of my home has been the most wonderful meeting place. Sun filled each moment of the day. It has been really cold here lately and our fires are burning. Those stews are being whipped up, slowly cooking through the day. Bread baking hasn't started yet but I have some new recipes that my family will enjoy. A happy day to you~ Suzanne X


Susan said...

Dearest Suzanne, I know these days have been tough, but I know you have such a strong, supportive family to help each other through it.
It's been chilly here again and I wonder if my peonies are ever going to bloom.
I'm up early to start some bread--Sally Lunn and maybe it will be one you will add to your collection and enjoy with your loved ones. Thinking of you, always, Susan

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Suzanne,

Here I sit far, far, far, across our precious little planet, thinking of YOU and yours.

Your photos made my heart feel good.

Thank you dear Suzanne,


W-S Wanderings said...

You've been in my thoughts as well.

Thank goodness you are surrounded by such love and beauty.


Mike said...

I love the pictures of the bird. I just wish there was more light so I could see the bird in more detail.