Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Happy Easter~

Its Easter morning....What is it about hunting for chocolate. I just love this celebration with the family. Olivia still loves decorating her basket , putting out slippers and gowns in the hall way all ready for Easter morning. Her Mother still loves waking early to hide those eggs and to decorate the breakfast table.. My Dear Mother made special treasures for the Breakfast table and out came the antique Easter cup collection. I love being able to use them. I just love a blue and yellow theme for this celebration time. Please note the cute little fluffy chicks that came just at the right time this year. I hope you all had a close time with your families today~

Happy Easter to you~ knitted cowly capelet almost finished~!


Lori ann said...

what a lovely lovely post suzanne. your easter celebrations look so sweet and meaningful. i love your table decorations and those wee chicks. oh my.
xoxo lori

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Those chicks are so soft in coloring - how pretty!

The tomato seeds you sent me have sprouted! I am so excited!

Susan said...

Happy Easter, dear friend. Your home always looks so inviting and magical with each holiday. One day, you will receive a package from me; between the lawsuit, projects, and grands, I will get to the post office. Love you, Susan

cathy@home said...

Lovely Easter decorations, I remember when I had a boiled egg last.

Stacey said...

Oh the chicks, so soft and lovely. Lots of Easter goodness here, it's wonderful to see. All the best, Stacey