Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mousehole Village crafting~

Right now, the crickets are starting up for the evening. Its the chorus of Summer~.... You know that time of year when it is really hot and the kids play out until late. You are figuring out what to cook for dinner and the heat in the kitchen is causing you to just cut open a watermelon and hand that out and pray that nobody wants anything else~! I have had three projects on the go keeping me busy. Thrilled to have them conquered before Winter this year. Two quilts and a crocheted knee blanket for those cold Winter days. I have not used patterns. I happened upon a see through square in the shops one day and was told to cut exactly that size....yes I know I am a quilters nightmare. Its been tough using such warm fibers in this heat. I used pure cotton for the quilts, backed with bamboo and cotton fleece. Its heavenly soft. The yellow bright quilt is mine and I made the bright reds, turquoises and yellow's etc for Olivia's room. All I did for her quilt was cut lengths of fabric strips and sewed them together. A bright bedroom for Winter just seems so much more inviting. I used merino for this blanket and it too is just so soft and heavy. It is my first crocheting project and its just bumpy, lumpy and perfect~! even my little white fluffy dog loves it..

I hope homemade projects are filling your home. Cozy, comforting and an experience that will be remembered by those making it and those little ones wearing them...

A beautiful perfumed rose from my garden ....capturing the beauty of Summer

Happy crafting~


Unknown said...

They are gorgeous, Suzane! I long to hear the crickets on hot summer evenings again :)

Hopefully my package makes it way to you soon, if not already :)

Suzanne said...

Dear Suzanne,
How lovely to see that beautiful rose! I wish for my garden to bloom, but here in New England we have gloom and doom and chills. I am wrapped in a shawl as I type with chilly fingers...LOL! I love the colors in the quilts--so pretty! ENjoy your summer, I am dreaming of ours:-)

busy little bee said...

Love them all!

Kelly said...

Hello my dear sista!
I am amazed by your latest three creations! They are each so beautiful. Yellow is my favourites colour - so bright, and cheerful and warm. I especially love your crochet blanket and to see it there with you has made me smile so with so much care for you. I can just imagine those hot days with crickets chirping and lots of outside time. It is freezing here. Seeing all your yellow has made me feel warmer. Thank you, my friend. One day I shall make quilts, one day. Happy, warm days to you and all your family. Love, Kelly

W-S Wanderings said...

You are in the thick of summer heat while we shiver in the gusts of winter. But your cheery and beautiful (always SO beautiful) creations have warmed me. I have plans to make a "quilt" (and it really must be in quotation marks, as I have no idea how to actually quilt) for our bedroom. Right after we actually MAKE the bedroom. Well, finish it, anyway.

Linda said...

Morning neighbour!
Your crafting projects are just beautiful, wow, you have been busy. I love the crochet blanket Suz and the quilts.
xo xo

Only in Louisiana ~ documenting the adventures we call Life! said...

I have never made a quilt but seeing your quilt made of strips ~ I think I could do that! It is adorable...all of your projects are amazing. Great work. I love your color scheme! Very Inspiring!

Tonya Gunn said...

Oh Suzanne,
So wonderful to hear from you again - so nice to think of you enjoying summer's warmth.
Your work is just beautiful, as always.
Thinking of you,

Lori ann said...

how beautiful! i don't know which i like more, all your projects (finished!) are so very lovely. greetings from the foggy and cool california coast.

Lori ann said...

dear suzanne,
oh how i wish i were able to pop by and give you some encouragement. but really you don't need me, if you can knit toys, you most certainly knit cardigans for yourself and your children.
there are many simple beautiful patterns with easy to understand (and make) construction.
i would be happy to point you in the direction of some and offer any help i can. if you'd like you can email me at
it really is just two sticks and some string. you can do it!

Unknown said...

Hello lovely Suzanne,, I've been away for a while. Not sure if Kelly told you I was pregnant again...and with TWINS so I had double the dose of morning sickness the first 3 months... I am now 19 weeks and feel great,, just rather large. I thought I would visit some blogs and get some crafty ideas as much has been neglected, except for the few little booties I crocheted. Your creations are just lovely. I hope you are well and enjoying those sweltering nights, we have papaya and watermelon almost every night. We are still waiting for the winter that never came. Big kissxxx

Susan said...

I agree with Allison...and throw in there a few bull frogs on the pond! I love your bright yellow projects and makes me long for sunshine. XOXO

suzanne said...

Thank you so much for visiting. I have loved reading your blogs this week too~

Lots of love

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Dear Suzanne, Everything is so so beautiful! I so much love the yellows in your wonderful quilt, and all the other colors too! You always inspire me!
Glad you have been enjoying beautiful and creative days!
Much love to you, Renee XO

Amanda said...

I love those quilts, congratulations on a beautiful job!

much love,

Very Verdant said...

Oh my, such beautiful projects! The fabrics in the yellow quilt are just gorgeous!

Shirley-Ann said...

What beautiful quilts and blankets Suzanne, I love seeing what you are busy with - always so inspiring! I'm envying your warm days - we are freezing over here in England!
BTW - I love your blog and have nominated you for an award. No pressure to take it up ;o) Details on my blog.

Heidi said...

Hi there,
I just found your beautiful blog. I am your newest follower now and am looking forward to seeing more. Greetings from the US...Heidi

Kim said...

I do believe I have that same rose in my garden half a world away. So pretty!
First time here, enjoyed my visit!

Mike said...

I love how your little dog lies on your lap. My dog does the exact same thing. Does she jump on your lap when you sit at the kitchen table? My does all the time. That rose from your garden is beautiful