Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mousehole Village crafting~

I was fortunate enough to be watching 'fantasy homes by the sea' recently and what a surprise to find a couple purchasing a home in 'Mousehole village'. I sat in awe as they walked through the village and I even got to see the inside of some cottages. That truly left me feeling so good about my crafting posts here as I could just imagine this cozy little village, quaint English country gardens and as I have said before in other posts, sitting next to a Sunny window or warm fire place knitting or crafting.

This week has been an Elderflower cordial delight. I have blooms by the dozen and so my Christmas ideas set in. I thought these bottles of cordial would make a lovely gift under the tree. I too have made some tea towels out of Egyptian cotton, scraps of material, ribbon and felt. When I was on Holiday, I saw something similar and decided to make my own. Please view the photographs of the tea cloth. it really was a simple quick make.

My Summer yellow quilt is coming along nicely. I have had to get some help with sewing the layers together as my machine could not handle the thickness....Can't wait to show you...

Elderflower cordial recipe ( I double or tripple the recipe if I have more flowers. I do find it difficult adding so much sugar so if need be, please look up an alternative for using honey or other natural sugars)

25-30 flower heads
1.5kg's organic unrefined sugar ( one could also use honey or agave)
55g citric acid
1.5 liters water

Wash the flowerheads. Place them in a pot or large bowl.
Place water and sugar in a pot and heat the water to melt the sugar.
Add the citric acid.
Pour the liquid mixture over the flowerheads and close the lid of the pot or cover the bowl and let stand overnight.
Sieve and place into sterilized bottles.

Happy Homemade crafting ~



Linda said...

All so beautiful my friend! The cordial was divine, Kye loves it, thanks so much for sending a bottle over! I will have to make some soon, thanks for the recipe.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Good morning (from California) dear Suzanne,

Mousehole Village? IT IS REAL??? Ok, we must go there.

I too love to make the cordials for gifts. I peruse stores for wonderful antique bottles, or visit our local import store.

The robin you saw on my blog header was from my trip to study Beatrix Potter's garden. That little robin stayed close by me. It was as if Beatrix was there ushering me to her favorite sights. Magical.



Anonymous said...

I've never had anything with Elderflower I don't think, but I keep seeing Elder flowers and berries popping up in all kinds of recipes and remedies lately. I'll have to make sure to plant some in the spring when we buy our house. Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

Amanda said...

Those mushrooms add the perfect touch of whimsey. How did you attach the base?


suzanne said...

Hi there Amanda

After embroidering the mushrooms, I attached the base of the mushroom to the mushroom top with fabric glue and then glued the whole mushroom to the fabric.

Hope that helps

charlotte said...

wow, you have been so busy, and everything looks so beautiful!

softearthart said...

Lovely Suzanne, loving those toadstools, cheers Marie

Tonya Gunn said...

Just gorgeous Suzanne!
Such wonderful ideas.
Love, Tonya

Kelly said...

Hi my sista
We love elderflower cordial and yes, certainly makes wonderful gifts. You wonderful for you that you got to see a feature on Mousehole Village. That really must have interested you. I too love your mushrooms. Happy day today!

charlotte said...

How very exciting, we are to be swap partners in the christmas swap! I will be on my crafty mission asap as I have no idea how long it will take to get to you! xxx

Susan said...

I'm starting some cranberry cordial and wish we lived closer so we could exchange our gifts.
I'm with Sharon...we must go to Mousehole Village! Maybe our next home, I'll give it its own name that everyone will know it by instead of a house number :) XOXO

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Everything is as beautiful as can me, Suzanne. Your pictures make me smile!
Happy hugs for a great new week xo xo xo

cathy@home said...

I have made eldeflower champagne but looking forward to making the cordial.

W-S Wanderings said...

So beautiful, these creations of yours. Lucky gift recipients!

Mike said...

I really want to see your Summer yellow quilt. It's probably beautiful.

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