Friday, August 12, 2011

My Shalom Cardi and a treasure in disguise

YES~! its finished...My Shalom cardi now hangs on my body. I wore it for the first time today. Buttonless but I could not resist. I have three thoughts here. One being that if I don't add sleeves, that I can start wearing it straight away. Two being, if I do add sleeves, I shall be wearing it in Summer its taken so long to knit and could take even longer!!! Three being, I don't have enough wool to finish it so, I am basically forced to stop. So , here I model my first cardigan I have ever made. I tried every which way to model it as Winter has given me an abundace of unwanted flab but PROUD... YES~!

Please take note of my overly large lemon..It's the first from the lemon trees in the orchard.

I have a little story to tell about this gorgeous old vintage curtain. A beggar came to my door not so long ago. It was a very cold Winters night. He was hungry and cold and desperate. He came wrapped in this dirty old curtain. So , we made a swap. I gave him a meal and one of my warm winter quilts amongst other things. He gave me the most beautiful linen vintage curtain I have ever seen ( very dirty indeed but I gave it a good scrub!) and I was left humbled and full of gratitude for my place here on Earth. Fortunate, warm, fed and loved....These lessons come in so many hidden ways. I am now left cutting up my beautiful linen vintage curtain to make a quilt for my Dear Mr Darcy and I to snuggle up with.

A happy day to you~


Unknown said...

Your cardi is beautiful and oh my the lemon! How wonderful it must be to have lemons in your back yard!

peawink said...

what a lovely post. they say he comes to us as strangers ... so glad you were able to make such a wonderful swap and have a lovely memory to go with it. blessings.

Rachel~At the Butterfly Ball said...

Congratulations! The cardigan is beautiful! I really want to learn to knit... Your linen curtain is lovely too, what a worthwhile swap :-)

Suzanne said...


You did a fabulous job on the cardi! The color so suits you

You made a generous swap and helped that person out in the process, how wonderful of you!

We're still in the throes of 90+F temps and high humidity--a touch of winter sounds delightful right now...LOL!



softearthart said...

Lovely to see your dear face Suzanne,

cheers Marie

Susan said...

Your cardi is beautiful and the color is perfect--it's why I chose the color I did for the scarf :-) The lemon reminded me of the tree we had in our backyard in California...oh, how I miss picking my own and baking lemon desserts.
Love you, XOXO

Anonymous said...

You look good in the cardigan, amazing if it's your first. I've knitted since I was about 8yrs and you have encouraged me to start a simple vest pattern, I've been putting off:)
I'm in the south too! and looking forward to a bit of Spring.
Yes, at times we need reminding of what we have to be grateful for....
A lemon tree is wonderful....I give them for housewarming gifts and my tree is full...nothing in the garden is so giving!

Theresa said...

First of all it has been a long time! I have been so busy with work the last year I have not had time to read other's blogs much. Also LOVE your cardi. And third, come say hi. I think you will enjoy seeing what Skylar is doing now. She is starring in an interactive webshow for kids and teens.

Shirley-Ann said...

I love the cardie Suzanne! It looks so lovely on you.

City Sister said...

Congrats! it is beautiful! I am dying to make one, but first a little sweater for my girlie.

Kelly said...

So, so beautiful, my sista!

valarie said...

Isn't it amazing how people interweave with our lives? This story of the beggar really has touched me and the way you both traded something means that you have a small token of the encounter forever.
Congrats on your lemon. It's a lovely lemon at that.
Your cardi look beautiful. I've just finished mine as well and because I didn't gage properly it is meant for a giant. I've now taken to calling it my Shalom Cardi Vest Dress. It's multi-purpose wear. ;)