Thursday, April 21, 2011

Preparing for Easter

A little Rebecca walked into my home this morning and threw her hands up in the air and looked around our kitchen. She said... " Suzanne your house looks so beautiful..You've coloured it all in!". She is only 2 years old and how beautifully put. We have spent our week creating the mood for our Easter celebration. I received a very generous Maileg parcel in the post the other day and have enjoyed having these treasures to work with. The 'Elsa Beskow' felt eggs were brought from Etsy. These are from the seller 'darialvovsky'. Beautifully made and really worth purchasing. Olivia is reading 'Goody O'Grumpity' by Carol Ryrie Brink for her school work at the moment and today she has spent the morning making the spice cake.

Wishing you all a creative Easter preparation.

Love to you


Tiffany W said...

Do you mind sharing which esty store you purchased the eggs from? I would love a set for next year.

Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness that is such a delightful way to put things! Worthy of framing:-)

Susan said...

I miss those days of decorating for Easter--I still hope to one day be closer to the grands and make it HAPPY again. I loved seeing your beautiful home and blessed I am to have this wonderful friend, so gifted and generous of heart. This last year would have been unbearable without knowing you.
Happy Easter, love you, XOXO

momma rae said...

just gorgeous! i'm sure i would have an equally delightful reaction to having the joy of walking into your home. i have had your sweet little sheep from our past exchange tucked away all this time! he will be making his appearance in a sweet little one's basket very soon. ;)

karen said...

what beautiful decorations to celebrate easter. Your home always looks so beautiful

camille creates said...

I'm a brand new visitor via Vintage Swap.
One word, AMAZING!
Best autumn wishes from Camille in Utah, USA

Vicki Boster said...

Oh my- I am in love with the Easter tree and all the beautiful decorations. Love the fabric eggs- they are my favorites! ( bet you made those!?)

Your children are so lucky to have a Mommy who brings the spirit of the holidays into the home. I am wishing you a lovely Easter celebration.


Amanda said...

So lovely. I love Easter trees!

Beth said...

So lovely to see you blogging again dear Suzanne! I love your
Easter preparations. We couldn't resist, and hung the little animals from your Christmas garland on our Easter wreath ^_^
Love to you and your family!!

Beth said...

I am coveting the felted eggs! Beth

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Aw, everything is absolutely cute, Suzanne!
Have a bright and joyful Easter. Did you planned an egg hunt, my friend? Love to you xxxx

Erin said...

Happy Easter, Suzanne! Your decorations are lovely - those Elsa Beskow eggs are wonderful!
We did a Waldorf craft Easter basket exchange this year and everything was just beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Those felted eggs are phenomenal!

Jessica said...

Suzanne~I saw those very eggs on Etsy and thought they were so beautiful. Love them!'s so nice 'seeing' you again.

Jessica xoxo

Mike said...

I remember reading a blog post of a women that made a bird's nest that you could eat. Apparently it tasted really good too.