Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aaron turns 11~

11 November 1999. Aaron was 14 days over due. I had planned a home water birth. I knew I was rather large as people gave me strange glances as I walked into places. Well, after a very successful water birth, a 4.9kg baby Aaron was delivered. We were so happy. Aaron turned 11 yesterday and how sad to be sick on your Birthday. He had been looking so forward to this day. He told us to wake him up really early but the poor chap remained sleeping for longer than planned. He managed a few smiles and we gave him lots of kisses. Olivia, Brogan and I decided to start our baking and making early. We started with the very long process of bread making. Olivia was so happy with how the dough rose so high. Some handsome breakfast loaves were produced. We then baked Aaron a Divine chocolate cake. Then came the ice cream cake covered in candy treats and 11 special candles. A Happy Happy Birthday to you our Buddie~!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Aaron! Those cakes sure do look delicious! I hope he can enjoy them!

nocton4 said...

oh poor guy, love and wishes of wellness xx happy belated birthday xx

Lucy said...

love all the cakes! Hope he feels better soon!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! November 11th is my husband's birthday, too! :)

I hope Aaron is feeling a bit better today--it looks like he had a lovely celebration despite feeling under the weather.

~Jessica xoxo

Kelly said...

Oh Suzanne
A very happy birthday to your special boy. I hope he had a good day despite feeling unwell. It was lovely to read about the day he was born. What a beautiful day that was for you both. Wishing Aaron a wonderful 11th year.
Will try to write soon, my friend.

Jump into A Book said...

A very happy birthday to your sweet boy. I hope he's feeling better. Now our sons are the same age for a few months. 11 has been such a wonderful age. Enjoy!

Jorgelina said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!