Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring Equinox celebrated

Season changes bring about such a renewal in our home. Spring cleaning has been the activity of the last two weeks. Its been refreshing to see a less cluttered home. Yesterday our friend Kelly came and needed to do some around town chores so she left little Kayla for Brogan and Livy to Mother. We celebrated today with family. Always lots of fun for the kids to be together. I made a Spring mobile. Olivia helped set up the Spring table, she water painted our Spring Welcome and we enjoyed a lovely meal together. My favorite Season has arrived and I sure am smiling~!

Lots of love to all


Unknown said...

Happy Spring! We just turned to Fall here :) My favorite time of year!

Tonya Gunn said...

Happy Happy Spring to you Suzanne.
Such beautiful pictures.
Thinking of you.
Warm wishes, Tonya

Erin said...

Happy Spring! We are on the flip side over here and are welcoming fall.

Susan said...

Spring and Fall are definitely my two favorite seasons--awakening and napping! I love the mobile and the bright, sunny day you had.

Love you, xoxo

Amanda said...

I miss sweet peas! Yours are lovely! I love your spring blessing, I think we've sang that song before around here..

Kelly said...

Happy spring, dear friend! I am sure your girls just loved all that mothering. Sweet little babe! How I love sweetpeas! Always thinking of you.

Bending Birches said...

oh just look at all the beauty! i am so happy for you! I love the "spring is coming" joyful and sweet! your decorations look fantastic. and the sweet little baby....::sigh:: I am so ready to have another baby! My heart longs for one....esp when I see such lovely photos, such as yours!
I heard that you are doing a "handmade holiday" gift swap? how can i get in on this, if possible?

Valarie said...

Happy Spring Equinox. What a very sweet baby. So glad you had a festive ocassion. Be Well.