Friday, June 25, 2010

Country Hoedown ~!

To celebrate our Winter Solstice this year, we have decided to have a 'HOEDOWN'. Friends and family time which really is always so exciting for me. My Brother and his friend will be playing live music. This week the children and their neighbor friends, made decorations and helped me get ready for the event tomorrow night. They made tissue paper flowers, lanterns and painted the sign for the hoedown. Our school house is the venue for the night. I have cooked all afternoon. The last minute preparation left for tomorrow. Brogan made some homemade ginger beer yesterday. I see the raisins are floating on top already.

I also managed to finish Olivia's lavender scarf..She's beaming~ I have also revamped an old cupboard for her room. I am yet to decide what to do with it. A white wash paint with pink country roses for the front. I have always loved the idea of an atelier..a special place for all her arts and crafts. She is also desperate for a shoe cupboard. Time will tell

I too had my kitchen surfaces re-surfaced .. looks so much better.

I have not been around blogland for a while..I hope you are all well and in happy spirits.

A happy weekend to all~!


Linda said...

Dear Suz
We are all very excited for the Hoedown tomorrow night! Livy's scarf turned out beautiful! Jen and Erin really enjoyed helping with the decorations:)
See you tomorrow

Tammy said...

It sounds like it will be so much fun...enjoy yourselves! :) :) :)

momma rae said...

looks like that's going to be a fun party!!

eidolons said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous! So airy! Color me jealous. (:

ang said...

I am from the Southern US originally. It's fun to see other folks' hoedowns. I see you like enamelware too. My granny had so much of it when I was little. I wish I still had some from her.
The scarf you made is divine.
Have a great party!

mammamichi said...

hello, I love your blog! I like waldorf inspiration!

Tan Family said...

Wow...ginger beer, lavender scarf...what a special day!

softearthart said...

what fun it is going to be. cheers Marie

Tonya Gunn said...

Oh you and Linda are real life friends! So wonderful!
Everything looks beautiful - wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Tonya Gunn said...

Oh you and Linda are real life friends! So wonderful!
Everything looks beautiful - wishing you a wonderful weekend.

kendra said...

so gorgeous! your home looks very inviting! hope to see dancing pictures! : )

Beth said...

What fun! Everything looks just perfect. Elsa was laughing and laughing at finding Livy in almost every picture..."where is she hiding in this one?" :)Then she wanted to see what the rest of Olivia's bedroom looks like. Hint hint ;)

Unknown said...

You have such a beautiful home. Seeing photos of it makes me miss South Africa. I hope you had a wonderful party.

Jorgelina said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous!What fun!

suzanne said...

Howdi girl friends~!

Yes, its time we had another hoedown down in the meadow. Yes Tonya, Linda and I have been Neighbors for years now. Her children often play over at our house. See ya tomorrow Linda~!

Wish you could all come!

Lots of love