Sunday, May 2, 2010

What we seek is also seeking us

What we seek is also seeking us.... is a quote I saw sometime last week. I was struck by the impact it has made on me. Andrew and I completed our first raw food course this weekend and this new found information of unbelievable goodness is swirling around in my head. The course and information received was mind blowing . This is something I have been subconsciously been searching for my family. I feel like a light bulb has been switched on. I have just completed a 2 week "Green smoothie " Challenge and even though we have been smoothie eaters, it has helped to moving in the right direction. Peter and Beryn Daniel are South African. They live in Cape Town and own the company ( . Peter is a fountain of overflowing knowledge and shared many hours of empowering information. His mentors being David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousens among many others. Apart from the wonderful raw food knowledge they em parted, we got to experience 'Superfoods'..Goji berries ,Green leaves, Maca root powder, spirulina (chlorophyll protein), hemp powder, enzymes, MSM, baobab fruit powder, the miraculous Cacao Butter, coconut oil, the wonders and power of raw chocolate 'the cacao bean'. They travel the World looking for reputable organic sources. The healing powers of these Superfoods are astounding. The amazing benefits of walking bare foot. The energy surrounding raw foods through Kirlian photography. One cannot help but want to put all this into your body after hearing all of this. They have a fantastic recipe book out shown above called 'Rawlicious'. It will soon be available Internationally through Amazon . We got fed Superfoods throughout the course and got shown how to make some delicious raw food meals. Before I went, I had in my mind that there is no way I can do this 100%. I will be adding these meals along with what I cook already. Well, my mind has made a 100% shift and my Journey although recommended a step or two at a time, has begun. We have three willing children waiting to start. One bit of information that Peter spoke about is that 'children have silent knowledge'. They already know. I look forward to sharing some of my family experiences with you. I promise to make them real and honest. Both good and possible low days.. Our days of detoxing and experimenting. What excites me is that I can work out of my organic vegetable garden when things are in Season. I have prepared a super meal smoothie for breakfast. It will be the children's first Superfood smoothie meal. I am holding thumbs....~


Linda said...

Dear Suzy,
This sounds amazing! We must go for tea and you can tell me all about it:)

softearthart said...

Just love that quote "What we seek is also seeking us" and children have silent knowledge, it takes time to do I am sure,but I am also sure the benefits will be terrific. cheers Marie

Tonya Gunn said...

I look foward to reading more about your journey towards raw - it definitely makes sense. I also love that quote.
Warm wishes, Tonya

Unknown said...

I cannot wait to follow your progress on this and learn/hear about what it is you eat for meals when committed to raw food. I, like you were, can't seem to quite grasp how it can be 100% possible so I am eager to hear how you do!

Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful resource!

liebchenhut said...

Dear Suzanne-
What is your recipe for the green, breakfast smoothie for your children? thanks

Anonymous said...

Oh Yay!! I am so excited for your family. This is going to be a fabulous journey. I am eight months in on my raw food lifestyle. I am about 80% raw...taking it slowly with compassion for myself. I eat "cooked" when I want but most of the time the "want" is not there. You will see, in time, your whole universe will thrive on raw. (Also remember the blood type diet....not EVERYONE benefits from 100% raw)
Here is a link to a fun, informational blog from the States.

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