Friday, February 12, 2010

Down in the meadow swap shop open

Hello dear friends

I have had the idea of opening a swap shop for a while now. I have always thought trading to be an exciting venture. Please pop over to my new swap shop to browse amongst my homemade treasures and see if there is anything you would like there to swap with me. I will be adding new things often. At present, I have posted knitted and felted toys. I hope to start adding goodies for the Mama's too.

Please click on the Meadow swap shop badge on my sidebar and it will take you straight to the market~

I hope you all have a happy weekend

Warm regards


eidolons said...

Wish I could swap for some of your amazing creations but I'm afraid I don't make anything quite up to par.

myletterstoemily said...

i LOVE your blog so much and so happy to
have found it.

have treaded through so many empty ones
and here is a precious, sweet one!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Such a sweet idea Suzanne!
I sent you an email :)
Lots of love, Renee

suzanne said...

In reply to eidolons . . I have placed a beautiful quote by Ernest Hemmingway on my swap shop that states that no one is a master in craft. We are all learners. Everyone has talents and I am happy to swap. It does not have to be a craft either. Please email me if you are unclear..there are not many rules. I have other family too that I can give to. So please feel free to join in on the swap.

A happy day to you

Warm regards

Kelly said...

This really is a wonderful, beautiful idea, dear friend.

Best wishes

Tonya Gunn said...

Oh Suzanne,
What a wonderful idea. I love the concept of eliminating money and bartering as much as possible.
Warm wishes,

Anonymous said...

I just love this idea. It's so inspiring. Let me get crafting and I will send you a swap email. Have a great weekend.

Taking Time said...

I love this idea!!!

I actually lose interest in making things when I think about selling them for money - swapping is a LOVELY idea!

We need an 'etsy' site for swapping where we can all post pics of our humble creations:-)something like the 'read it, swap it' site...hmmm ideas hatching!!

Thanks so much!!


* * said...

I agree fully with Tonya, I love the concept of eliminating money and bartering as much as possible as well. It reminds me of our farmers market in the country, such a lovely project I already emailed you and can't wait to swap!! xo

Jump into A Book said...

Greetings....just stopping by again to wish everyone at down in the meadow a very happy Valentine's Day....big hugs to all of you.

Beth said...

Good luck on your new idea! Sounds fun. love, Beth

Tan Family said...

Neat idea! I'll have to check this out. Also, I featured your blog and Etsy shop on our blog this week. Thank you for inspiring us! :)

themagiconions said...

Yesm Suzane... such a lovely idea. I'm in for sure but in April when we get back from holiday. I'll email you then.
PS - I've sent you an email about Discovering Waldorf to your address, let me know if you don't get it.
Blessings and magic to all down in the meadow,

Linda said...

This is a wonderful idea Suz!

Imene said...

What a wonderful idea! I wish I could swap some of my creations with other crafty persoms

The WoodLand School said...

This is such a spectacular idea! I'll be sending an e-mail soon :-)

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