Friday, December 11, 2009

An early morning thanks to our rooster

We live near a bird sanctuary . We are fortunate enough to live near the land of the early bird risers. The birds from the sanctuary leave in their flocks and fly over our house past the orchard.. In their haste to set off somewhere, they all seem to wake up the neighborhood with their loud calls. We too have a rooster that feels he has to be louder than the wild ducks and ibis's. So, we found ourselves up really early going on our morning walk today. We passed the orchard and ended up starting our breakfast at this heavily laden plum tree. We then stopped by the chicken coop and found some fresh eggs... coffee, plums, egg and toast. Nothing beats a breakfast like todays.
A happy weekend to all


Suzanne said...

What a charming looking rooster-looks like he knows it too:-)

Grace said...

How cool to live near a bird sanctuary.

Inoureyes said...

Those plums look delish!
We are hanging out for our Christmas season of fruit.
We dont have a rooster, but 4 laying hens that only lay in the one spot. So for an hour from 4 till 5 in the morning they call out waiting till its their turn to lay an egg. I am often out there with them hurrying them off the roost so they don't disturb the neighbors. We live in the burbs and all of the houses are close to each other. Your orchard garden is my dream garden!

Anonymous said...

Hello Suzanne. Not meaning to be ignorant but I am on this one. What sort of bird is that? It's very cute, I'm just not familiar with it. Are most of these birds wintering over in South Africa or do they hang out all year?
It looks like a beautiful breakfast under the plum tree. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Happy Merry Making

Theresa said...


Amanda said...

What a great bird! Sounds like your breakfast was divine!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

What a beautiful morning Suzanne! I so enjoy your lovely sunny pictures when we ourselves are surrounded by snow and cold. (Beautiful snow, not so great cold.)

In answer to your question the other day... the glass tree is one that Jason made for us a couple years ago. I always put it our winter nature table. I like the bare cold feeling of it for wintertime.

RunninL8 said...

What a gorgeous place you live in!

Kelly said...

Hello my friend,
Look at that blue African sky...ah, a dream! I am impressed that you have cleaned the house till it sparkles and that your Christmas gifts are almost done. You are organised. I am sure you are spending many pleasant days with my parents in law and that your mother in law is very impressed by your beautiful home and all your creativity and the energy it takes to create! I really am on a serious go slow or perhaps in denial that I should be preparing for Christmas/ organising presents. It will come together! I think it is wonderful that you have a bird sanctuary so near that you can walk through. Have a lovely day, Suzanne!
Best wishes

Jenn said...

I wanted to tell you "thank you" for emailing me about my bunnies. I accidentally lost your email and could not respond. Anyway, we ended up having to get rid of our bunnies. But thanks for trying to help me!! :0)

I love your blog, by the way!

Elizabeth Davis said...

Hi Suzanne! Your gardens are lovely. I especially have enjoyed seeing your decorations for the holidays. I hope all is well with you and your family, and may you have a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

farmama sara said...

Your garden looks incredible Suzanne! I love this breath of fresh summer air! Happy summer solstice to you!
love, sara