Monday, October 12, 2009


It's double GIVEAWAY time for "Down in the meadow" over at GARDENMAMA ( ). Please pop by for a chance to receive this gift. I so enjoyed knitting and crafting these little critters. The Autumn garland is a season treasure .
Comments close on Thursday October 15th 8:30pm EST. The winner will be announced at 9pm EST

In our home crafting is a daily therapy. I often have tables full of gorgeous yarns spun by talented people. I consider the gift of knitting a blessing.

Good luck to you all!


Kelly said...

Wonderful Suzanne! And you are an exceptionally special, creative, talented knitter/crafter. I love your creations.

Linda said...

Such a lovely giveaway, you talented mamma:)



Anonymous said...

How very cute your this is. I will pop over to gardenmama. I love her blog. I have a daily need to craft something. It is the joy in each day. Knitting is right up there at the top of the list.

Beth said...

Hi, Suzanne! I did go over and post a comment in an effort to win your great giveaway!!!! Now I want to do a little posting on acorn pies. Please send me a delightful picture to use! Or, can I copy the hedgehog picture? I don't want to infringe. Your interview was wonderful. Beth

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Your creations are so wonderful. I commented on Nicole's blog... told her that you are one of my favorite blog friends :)

Tonya Gunn said...

You create such beauty and so kind to share!
Warm wishes.

suzanne said...

Thank you so much kind friends.

Happy day to you all
Warm regards

Mama Rose said...

My goodness- what absolutely beautiful creations Suzanne! Love your blog, I'm so glad to have found it :D

farmama sara said...

Hi Suzanne,
That bread looks wonderful, and your hen does indeed look very healthy! How wonderful to see sunflowers popping up...I love the images of new life sprouting up when here we are tucking everything in for a long winters rest! Your knitted toys are so beautiful!! Happy spring to you!
Love, Sara

Mike said...

Who ended up winning the fabric pumpkin and the fabric basket.