Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Introducing Noodle

For the Bug man's (Aaron) 10th Birthday this year, we will be welcoming a gorgeous miniature Maltese into our lives called "Noodle" . We were called yesterday to say we could come and meet Aaron's little one. We are all so taken. We can only collect her in eight weeks time. She lives close by so weekly visits to see her growing are going to be exciting.

My Little Livy is having the Fairy tales read to her by the dozen...This week "Rapunzel Let done your golden hair" has been quite a hit. Brogan finger knitted Olivia a beautiful long platted golden pony. As you can imagine between the orange bag hair and now the golden locks, I have a very happy 6 year old.


Hallie said...

We would like to add a little furry member to our family too but haven't decided on what kind or when. We have a move in our future so we're having to wait! Ugh! I will enjoy seeing pictures of your new little one!

Tammy said...

Oh, Noodle is just darling! What a sweetie. And I love her name...how did you come up with it?

Stacy said...

Noodle is soooo cute! Aaron is lucky-- what a wonderful birthday gift.

Love Livy's long golden hair.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely golden hair indeed!
I know a little girl at my house who would like that idea too : )
What a sweet new birthday addition at your house!
I like your Tasha Tudor badge!

Kelly said...

Oh Suzanne! That little Noodle is just too sweet. Aaron must be delighted with his new little friend. I am sure they will have many great times together. And Olivia with her golden Rapunzel locks - just beautiful. What a sweet, lovely girl!
Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend.

Inoureyes said...

Such a cute noodle! My daughter is turning 10 this week and we are getting her a bird. Not sure what kind but im sure she will be thrilled.

Linda said...

'Noodle' is adorable Su, we can't wait to meet her!

suzanne said...

Hi Hallie

Thank you for your comment. I must say this little man has been dead set on this breed. I look forward to sharing its little life with all of you.

Have a great day Hallie

Warm regards

suzanne said...

Hello Tammy

The Poodle called Noodle. Need I say more... Our little yorkshire terrier is Beanie. The big joke around the house is. "Whats for dinner?.Noodles and beans!"

Have a Wonderful day Mama Tammy

Warm regards

suzanne said...

Thank you Stacy for visiting. Just loved your sisters wedding photo's..

Have a great day

Warm regards

suzanne said...

Good Morning Nichole

I am sure your little girl would love rapunzel locks..

Glad your noticed our friend Tasha's Birthday reminder. Wish we could have a cuppa together .

Have a great day .

Warm regards

suzanne said...

Thank you Melissa for visiting. I am sure your daughter will love a bird..My granny used to have an avery full of African love birds. They are so pretty.

Have a wonderful day
Warm regards

suzanne said...

Hello Dear Kelly

Is this not just the cutest noodle.

Rapunzel still has the lock stuck to her pony...Little girls

Have a lovely day friend

Warm regards

suzanne said...

Hello Linds

Yes our noodle will become part of the neighborhood gang soon. We do have quite a farm gathered between the two of us. I hope our Rooster did not wake you this morning. I heard him at about 4 am having a good throat clearing!

Have a great day bud


Theresa said...

loving the outfit

Beth said...

I love you, Noodle!

Angela said...

Noodle is SO cute, and what a whimsical name!

When I was a girl, my mom knit me a hat and added floor-length yellow braids so I could play Rapunzel - I don't know what it is about that fairytale, but i think all young girls are enamored with idea of having hair like Rapunzel.

Enjoy having a puppy in the house!