Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Vintage finds at our local antique market

Today was the Antique fair at uncle Tim's cabin. I never miss it when it comes around. Its a treasure finders dream. Everyone sells their Antiques. The atmosphere is a buzz with people trying to find a missing old plate or like me, just waiting for the right treasures to come their way. I had great luck today. I found a gorgeous old knitting bag filled with old knitting patterns, a large skein of pure silk, some vintage lilac crochet lace, an old tin to be a companion to my old tea tin ( I am a GREAT tea lover...) a lovely small crochet table cloth and some really old badges. Just the place I felt like being today...I was also able to spend some Mama daughter time with my gorgeous Brogan. I am not too sure if any of you find it difficult to spend alone time with each child but, in our family its a real treat.


Tan Family said...

It is such a treat to spend time with each child! I love the crocheted lace that you found. :)

suzanne said...

Hi Jennifer

I am sure you know what sharing your time is like..I have a lovley idea for the lace. I will blog it soon.

Happy day to you
Warm regards

Anonymous said...

So beautiful Suzanne! Lovely to see your treasures!

suzanne said...

Hello Nichole

I really had to dig for these. Our vintage fair comes around every two months. We really look forward to the event.

Have a great day