Sunday, June 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

Today is our shortest day and longest night. We baked a cake symbolising "From the dark into the light"..The large yellow Sun and the Moon . We have had a reasonably cold Winter . Our Weather has been unusual. Today has been pretty warm. We don't have a fire burning tonight either. We have also been experiencing out of season rain storms. Our grass is still beautifully green. Its been quite interesting following this years Winter Season.


Anonymous said...

Happy Solstice! What a lovely cake!
Suzanne, come check out my child and mama vintage apron giveaway! : )

suzanne said...

Thank you Nichole

Happy Summer Solstice to you!

Kelly said...

Suzanne, that is a beautiful cake. A lovely idea. I was speaking to my sister who lives in Johannesburg this morning. She said it was freezing and that there was lots of ice about this morning. Hope you are all wrapped up warm and that your knitting needles are clicking away.

suzanne said...

Hi Kelly

Its been really cold. Our fires burn all day now. We don't have central heating so its wrap up and jog on the spot! We have gone out a few mornings in a row and found our chickens water frozen.

I am sure your Winters are far colder.

Yes the knitting needles are working double time..