Sunday, June 21, 2009

My creative few days

I thought I would share what I have been making over the last few days. This magical princess mare started off as a holiday project when we went to the coast. I just could not get it right. With the help of my Mom, she has turned out to be such a mystical beauty. This flower garland was inspired by my beautiful garden. When I walk out of my kitchen door every morning, I get greeted by beautiful smells and colors, butterflies, snails and bugs....


Beth said...

That little mare is just beautiful! I couldn't resist this time and ordered it for Elsa's birthday,:-)You are amazingly creative Suzanne! And how lovely to have a mother to consult with.
Warmest wishes!

Kelly said...

Hi Suzanne. Both are such gorgeous creations. The purple mare looks very magical. I love her. I love your snail also. You really are such a gifted mama. It is wonderful to have your mother nearby to share these things with. My mom is so good at sewing and crocheting and I would love to be involved with projects with her.

suzanne said...

Hi Kelly

Thank you very much...I love having my Mom around. She is a great support. She helps me knit for the shop. We often sit and knit together. Its a lovely bonding experience. I am sure you have a wonderful Mom.


suzanne said...

Hi Beth

Thank you so much for buying the magical mare. I am sure Elsa will enjoy it. Please wish her from down in the meadow.

Warm regards

Theresa said...

I love this