Friday, April 3, 2009

My Ethnobongo organic Knysna sheep

Whilst on holiday, I did indeed take the ol' knitting needles with. Andrew thought I had left them but they came right on with me. I managed to find a lovely humble couple who sell organic wool. They only have a few sheep and their diet is Grass and Cape Bushes .That's Organic enough for me. The wool I knitted with was rough and had bits of grass still stuck on it. I just LOVE it! They have also offered some of their wool for me to sell and so I will be organising my skeins soon. They dye their wool with beetroot, cabbage, berries . The turquoise has not been naturally dyed but beautiful. What an adventure holiday!


Natalie said...

What georgeous little sheep! Those yarns look delicious. It's seeing beautiful yarns like that that reminds me to try and pursue my knitting ambitions.

Kelly said...

That top brown sheep has so much character. What amazing, richly textured and coloured, slubby wool. I find the more I spin, I am losing the ability to make slubs. I love the rustic, slubby look the best. Waht a find to come across, Suzanne.

suzanne said...

Hi Kelly

If I am going to spin in the future, I better learn the spinners lingo. Slubby wool it is. Isn't it gorgeous. The couple who sell it, are a humble farming couple with a few sheep they raise organically. The sheep graze peacefully and breath in that lovely coastal air. Bushes and grass as their diet. I just love old time living.


suzanne said...

Hi Natalie

I am glad you are inspired. The yarns have inspired me too. I maintain that knitting is the craft for the soul...mine is most at peace when i am creating with my knitting needles. Thank you for visiting.

Warm regards

Tan Family said...

What beautiful yarn! Let me know when you have some yarn or fiber to sell.

suzanne said...

Hi Tammy

I am busy with sizes and color choosing. I do want them to use organic natural dyes too so, thats where I am. I will also post their organic mohair when I get it. I have been wanting to open a Waldorf inspired shop up in my loft so that is what I am busy doing too. I sure will let you know when I start selling. Would you like me to send you a sample in the meantime? If so, just write to me.

Warm hugs

Linda said...

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter my friend...

suzanne said...

Thank you Lindi loo you too

nocton4 said...

goodness that wool is gorgeous, are you still selling it ?
loving your sheep, so wonderful, Mama your love shines from your creations