Saturday, February 28, 2009

My treasure find

I had a little spoil this week. My Kath Kidston needle roll arrived . I have been yearning for a needle roll for sometime and knew I had to search for the right one. I thought I was just going to get the roll but to my surprise, It was filled with graded wooden knitting needles.


Lovey said...

Oh that is gorgeous! I need to think about getting one someday. I have a hard time keeping mine in order (my girls like to separate the sets for some reason).


suzanne said...

Thank you for your comment. This has been a long time coming. My needles have been sat on, lost and used as play weapons. They now safely have a home.

Warm regards

Kelly said...

That is lovely, Suzanne. What a well deserved gift for you with all the beautiful knitting you do.

suzanne said...

Thank you Kelly

Tammy said...

GORGEOUS needles and case! So what are you going to make now, my dear???? :)

suzanne said...

Hello Tammy

I am very fortunate that I can get the most beautiful wool from my neighbour Linda. It really is just a pop over the road to see what colours she has. The merino is so uneven and unpredicatable in places. I just love it. So, with my gorgeous wool and knitting needles, and of course the new needle roll, I will be making some new Winter items. Wrist warmers and leg warmers . This Winter will be so different. Last Winter I didn't even know how to knit.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! That is the most inspiring thing I've heard all day!! You didn't know how to knit last winter! I am so shocked. There is hope for me after all. I took it up this summer when I was pregnant and couldn't move. I love knitting but, it doesn't love me, yet. I am going to keep trying. I want to try the strawberries that you have on your blog. They are so cute!! Mine will never be as cute, but maybe by next year.

suzanne said...

Hello Tanya

Keep on trying.. My Mom has been there to help with the odd slipped stitch but it really is possible. My gran was a good knitter and I hope I inherited the good knitter gene.

Thanks for visiting