Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lemonade award

To all those blogs that I absolutely adore. Everyone of them on my blog list feeds my soul and I am unable to pick out only 10. I am daily inspired by what each mama can do. Teach children, knit, sew, write books, bake bread, make jam... I love the crafty bloggers, the unschooling bloggers, the home teaching bloggers who constantly add their children's work for me to see that I am not going too far wrong , the wine making bloggers, the bloggers that pour out their hearts knowing that they just let it all out for all to see. How brave.... and how I would just like to hold some mama's in a friendly embrace...I love them ALL. Some I would love to be neighbours with, some I would love to knit with, some I would love to laugh with....

Thank you, Thank you for getting me through my busy hectic days. Knowing that you are all going through them too. I itch to sit down at night to see how your days have been.

Thank you for INSPIRING me whilst I walk my journey.



sarah said...

You have a beautiful, delicate, luminous weblog.

suzanne said...

Your words are encouraging.

Thank you