Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little purple pansie

I sang a song as a little girl called "little purple pansies touched with yellow gold " I loved that song and today it came back to me. I now see where the yellow gold is.....


Beth said...

Dear Suzanne,
I followed the link on Tammy's blog and have been sitting here with a tight throat and prickling eyes viewing your blog. I feel as though I have found a kindred spirit! Thank you for such lovely and inspiring pictures and posts. The spirit of your home and family comes across so beautifully, and your choice of music adds to it so well. I'm afraid I will be a frequent follower and look forward to being uplifted by viewing a little bit of your daily life. Again, thank you for the happy start to my day!
P.S. I love "little purple pansies" too! It's been one of my favorite songs for as long as I can remember!

suzanne said...

Hello Beth

Your words are very touching. A kindred spirit is always welcome here. I have not studied photography but have a great passion for it. I try to capture moments in my day that make me happy. The music on my blog takes my breath away. Its from my favourite movie. I hope you continue visiting. I love making new friends .

Warm regards