Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Bug man

I had to have such a laugh last night. I know Kelly would appreciate this one. Aaron collected a bowl full of snails. We have had a few days of rain so the whole snail village came out to play. He put them on his side table next to his lamp before going to bed. Well , you can just imagine what I saw when I went in later to turn off the light....yes escapees....Aaaah


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I'm not sure if I've ever left a comment on your blog but I have been popping in for a read for a while now and I always enjoy my visit.
There is a tree of happiness award over at my blog for you!

suzanne said...


Your words are kind.Thank you. I will be posting it soon.
Thank you for popping in for a read.

Warm regards

Tammy said...

giggle, giggle, giggle... ;)

suzanne said...

Hi Tammy

I bet one of those will have crawled into my room by tonight. He had at leat ten and I only found four!

Warm blessings

Kelly said...

That is great. I have just told Sol about this. He would love to come searching for the remaining escapees!
Thanks for sharing this.

tamlovesran said...

I just visited your blog from a link at Tammy's blog and wanted to say that you have a lovely blog with lovely photos.

suzanne said...

Hi Kelly

I am sure they would make good bug hunter buddies.


suzanne said...

Hi tammy from sunshine cottage

I have just so enjoyed going through your blog too. I am also an old WHAM fan! Those were the days....Thank you for visiting . I will be visiting you too.

Warm regards

suzanne said...

Hi bohemianmumma

I wrote my list of happiness but for the life of me cannot get the award picture onto my blog. Its called Happiness with a picture of my boy with a dandelion.

Many thanks