Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Crown

A Birthday crown fit for a Queen. I have just finished Olivia's crown. I used merino felted sheets from Karen Platte down in the Cape. I have also sewn on real crystals. I love to really live in the moment when the children have their birthdays. I have an old antique french chair that I will place the crown on. I also roll out a long carpet or piece of fabric for the birthday girl to walk up as she takes her place for the day. I just love the book titled "The Birthday Book" by Ann Druitt. The idea's are wonderful. Talk about creating a special day from start to finish. I also love the book called the "Rainbow Bridge" I use the rainbow bridge story for every birthday.


Carle said...

Hi Sue,

I adore your blog! Your knitting is so nice!


suzanne said...

Hi Carle

Thank you so much. Its taken me long enough. Your blog is so inspiring too. I would love to buy some of your wool.

Thank you

Hallie said...

Could you tell me where you got your Rainbow Bridge book? I'dl ove to see it! Thanks so much for sharing!

suzanne said...

Hi Hallie

Happy to help. I brought the book called "Beyond the rainbow bridge" by Barbara.j. Patterson from I have just looked and it cost $17.95 new or used from $13.49. also sells it but it is out of stock right now. It was one of the first books I got when we started homeschooling. Its a treasure.

Thank you for visiting

Warm regards

nocton4 said...

wonderful Mama, truly wonderful x