Friday, June 24, 2011

A Waldorf play 'The lion and the mouse'

I have mentioned before numerous times the influence Waldorf education has had on our family. Simple,caring,nurturing, soulful learning. All three of my children have benefited year after year . Pure honest from the heart teaching. Our live education homeschooling curriculum has been wonderful. Water color painting, moulding figures with her hands.. I have seen each of my children pass this phase in their learning and seeing Olivia confidently telling us about the Lion and the mouse and truly understanding the meaning behind her little play makes me so happy~

A wonderful weekend to you all

Warm regards


charlotte said...

I completley agree with you, and funny enough I have just finished making my first Steiner inspired table top puppet for my 2 year old to play with.

Unknown said...

So sweet. I feel the same way Suzanne. I am thinking of getting the live curriculum this year instead of Christopherus, even though most of this year has been a little more of unschooling of course inspired by waldorf:) I love all that wonderful material you have and can't wait to see all those crafty projects of yours. Keep warm Suzanne.