Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A vintage find that caught my eye

This beautiful vintage oil painting find caught my eye today as I drove past an antique shop in my area. It called out and said 'Buy me!"...I have just the spot for it..Nestled just above my aprons ...I received this Beautiful blogger award recently. Bobbi from http://snoodledoodles.blogspot.com. kindly gave it to me. I always find handing out this award so difficult as I love and find every blog I follow so appealing. I will personally send messages to those blogs that hit the spot..when I get back..

Right a few things about me part.. not always easy talking about yourself..Shew I am going to dig deep and be real here..

~I passionately embrace my calling as a Mother. I spoke to a friend today and we both agreed that waking up for a child a few times a night or having a little bundle creep into your bed leaving you with an inch of space to sleep on all night.. resulting in a stiff back and neck the next morning, is no hassle at all~ nothing ...nadda.

~I have been told recently by my residing Mr Darcy that I am his best friend~ the best cook~ the best baker~ the best wife and Mother ever! That made me float today...

~Along with my son Aaron, we rescue all the sick and ailing wild life we come across in the area..turtles, ducks, pigeons , butterflies, chicks, worms and ants. We often wish we could breath life into these dying little animals. I love my Son and I find being like minded with him is a blessing.

~I am at a point in my life where I have 10 kg's to loose..Its a struggle. I walk far every morning hoping that its going to shift but it is so slow..So, I will persevere. I do feel a hundred times better when I am slimmer..I wish myself all the best with my efforts.

~I am going to be 40 next week...YIKES! I am about to have my very first teenager on Thursday..EEK! It is my Brogans 13th Birthday. I love this blossoming young girl and I know she is stepping in the right direction..

~And lastly ...This blogging world has left me feeling like I really would love to meet you all. How come we have all met like this? Paths crossed as though we all know each other....makes you wonder doesn't it..

Thank you for reading today dear friends. I suppose I never really get to open up like this..

A Happy day to all


Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself Suzanne. I hope 40 blesses you big! It's not so bad, try 46....my age this year..LOL! Where does the time go? I too love to read blogs where the mother embraces motherhood, it is very apparent here:-)

Linda said...

Dear Sue,
I love the painting, it is beautiful! That is the perfect spot for it. Congratulations on your award, your blog is wonderful:)
Happy day to you mama:)

suzanne said...

Thank Suzanne and Linda for your kind words..

I knew you would like this painting Linds.

Warm regards

softearthart said...

Is it not interesting that people come into your life through this modern medium of blogging, my shelf has now a few of your creations in it and yours mine. "Happy days" cheers Marie PS I do love my strawberry Gnome

Unknown said...

Wonderful painting. Isn't it such a great feeling when you come across something in an antique store an instantly know where it would perfectly fit in!

Congrats on the award. That is a touching point about you and your son rescuing all the wildlife.

Ariella said...

Congrats on the award, your blog is beautiful---and so is the painting!

Tammy said...

I loved reading this about you. This was a beautiful post and you are a beautiful blogger and friend!

Have a lovely day. :)

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Dear Suzanne, How wonderful your words are, thank you so much for sharing! This may be my favorite post ever of yours, and will probably require further writing from me, perhaps even a handwritten letter when I send your apron!
Your painting is so beautiful, I'm glad you found it. I hope you have a wonderful, day, week, and birthday!!
Lots of love, Renee

SF said...

So nice to learn more about you! I just love finding blogs where the Mama's love their children so passionately, as I do. :) I too find it interesting to feel "close" to some of my blog friends, even though we've never met! My little girl had such a lovely time recently, just scrolling through pages and pages of your blog. She is really sad because we aren't allowed to keep rabbits where we live. :( We are saving up for a puppy at the moment though, very exciting!
Have a wonderful day. :) xo

Jessica said...

Such a sweet post! I so love your family...I, too, wish we could all meet one day in the real world.


I'll be 38 this year & couldn't feel more alive (perhaps that pesky bout w/ cancer has something to do with it? hee, hee)!

Beth said...

It's nice to learn some new things about you today! Good luck on getting healthier and slimmer and congratulations on having a teenager soon. Personally...I think the forties are great! Embrace your forties! And Congratulations on your award! You do have a beautiful blog. love, Beth

Joy said...

Happy upcoming birthday to you and your daughter. That's alot of milestone in a week's time. :) I'm glad you shared a bit about yourself. I often wonder to about meeting these wonderful bloggers whose paths have crossed mine. :)

themagiconions said...

So much of that resonates with me. I also am amazed with this blogging world... so many friends.
Happy Birthday to your new teenager too.
Blessings and magic,

myletterstoemily said...

congratulations, suzanne! you deserve
this award.

happy 40th! the 40's are great. teenagers
aren't so bad if you remember the live
in a difficult world and need you to be
on their side.

sweet painting.

Amber said...

Wow lovely blog and a lovely outlook on life...xx

ani said...

beautiful, beautiful. i come back here again and again loving the story of your family and the beauty you have created.

happy births day to both you and you darling girl, or shall i say young woman.

many blessings.... ani

Anonymous said...

Another lovely post Suzanne, Happy birthday to you and your daughter next week. I hope that you have a truly blessed time.

Erin said...

Such a beautiful vintage find! Good eye :)

* * said...

It was lovely to hear your voice in this space. A very merry birthday to you! xo

Susan said...

Dearest Suzanne: I am so honored you wanted my book. I love your blog and the peaceful feeling I get reading of your endeavors. Please accept the book as a gift between friends...because that's how I think of you now.
I loved your note and the brooch. If the past year has taught me anything, it's keep the one's you love close to your hear.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Suzanne - I'm honored you asked for a copy of my book. Please accept it as a gift between friends...because that's how I think of you now.
Also, thank you for your lovely note and brooch. If this year has taught me anything, it's hold your loved ones close to your heart. Susan

Jenn said...

thank you for sharing all of this...lovely!

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