Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Knysna South Africa..Rested and ready for new adventures

I had planned this holiday carefully knowing that Andrew and I would be celebrating our Birthdays there. I could not have wished for a more thrilling, peaceful, inspiring holiday. I believe one finds places good for ones soul. We are not big on vacations. Our home is our place to find peace and rest but this experience truly lifted spirits and helped us gather new paths. There are about 18 homes that take pride of place on the shores of the Knysna heads. The home we stayed in reminded me of an old french villa in Europe. Bougainvillea creepers, sun, bathing, long walks, lazy hot days lying and reading on an old day bed and treasure finding filled our days. Please note the "Bugmans" treasure find....Spot the starfish~!.... We visited organic markets and handmade craft markets. A hippie influence in the air lured me into buying a few African sarongs which I now wrap around myself in my home. I took great joy in seeing my children play in a natural environment. At low tide , the lagoon would be a treasure finders paradise. Sand for a kilometer out...When the tide came in, the ocean water would be hip height..just perfect for swimming. I just adored the old kitchen. Wooden floored, an old AGA. Brogan baked non stop. The bedrooms were quaint and arty. The verandah reminded me of my homeland Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). The view of the lagoon totally breathtaking...Well dear friends I hope I have painted a picture of true beauty. South Africa has to be one of the most beautiful places on Our Earth.

I have also come back with news of closing my Etsy shop. I have loved every minute of creating for everyone. I know that this shop was my creative outlet. I grasp onto the new adventure ahead of me. Focusing on my young family and spending my time knitting and creating for them. I will continue with my trading shop as I feel this is the future. I will be adding some treasures soon. I too have a new found energy for healthier eating. Raw food eating is what is occupying my attention now. What a journey. Andrew and I have enrolled ourselves for the Raw food cooking course and boy I cannot wait . We are wanting to take a few days to spend in Knysna again soon to complete a bread making course too. I feel completely inspired. Its also lovely to be back.

A happy happy day to you all


softearthart said...

I am so glad that you are continuing with your trading shop,it is a good thing to listen to what is coming towards one, I so love my little blue gnome that you made he is really dear to my heart, love and light for your new beginnings Marie

Jenn said...

it's so absolutely breath-takingly beautiful! :0)

wish i could've joined you. :0)

Amanda said...

What a beautiful place. I can feel the tranquil energy through your photos. So pretty! Thank you for sharing


Beth said...

It is wonderful to hear how happy you are and see the peaceful pictures of the beautiful place you stayed at the shore. It should be in a magazine, maybe the same magazine that would feature your own beautiful house. love, Beth

Jessica said...

Those photos are absolutely breathtaking!

I am a little bit saddened to hear you are closing up shop--but, I have to admit...I've been considering a similar move. I can't create when I feel pressured. Right now my shop is so empty & I feel like I should be felting--but, it's just not coming. I'm not sure why.

So glad you're keeping your trading shop! What a wonderful concept--I love it! :)


Ariella said...

Wow. These photos look like a dream! I posted a photo of the little red horse you made on my blog today. Come take a peek!

Unknown said...

ABSOLUTELY breathtaking photos Suzanne! I am in love with your vacation! The pics look like something from a magazine!

I am glad you all enjoyed yourselves and welcome back!

Tammy said...

What a beautiful place to have spent some time in.

It sounds like you have found a new vitality, and that is fabulous. You have many things to look forward to. :)

I love the treasures we've gotten from your etsy shop, but I surely understand your choice in focusing on your dear family. I will have to keep an eye on your swap shop.

Susan said...

I love your photos. I imagine myself sitting on the porch and enjoying a glass of ice tea with you.

Kelly said...

Hello my friend,
So good to look at your sunny, peaceful place pictures. That verandah looks wonderful especially with the lounging bed. I would sleep there! I think one of the best gifts of getting away and having a holiday is that it opens up our perspective and gives release to new ideas and shifts we want to make in our lives. It is so refreshing to come home and make changes. I really love your trading venture.
Have a beautiful day and thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.
Best wishes

Jen from SewnNatural said...

what a beautiful, beautiful place! the photos are very inspiring.

i am excited for you for your new beginnings. we truly love and enjoy the pieces you knitted for our daughter.

Beth said...

Dear Suzanne,
I am so glad to hear that you had such a lovely vacation and have returned home refreshed! Just reading your post about it gives me a feeling of renewal. The place is so beautiful! It looks so peaceful and happy, as your own home does! Many blessings in your new adventures!

Anonymous said...

What breathtaking beauty! I have a good friend who lives in South Africa, and he is always talking about how much he loves the land...I can see why!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Dear Suzanne, So nice to see you back. I am happy you had such a beautiful time away.
I hope you came across my email in the pile that must have been waiting upon your return... Thanks so much for the wonderful spring treasures. Your apron is on the way!
With love, Renee

momma rae said...

gasp! but i don't have one of your gnomes yet!! ;) i honor you that you can follow your heart that way.

your vacation looks truly magical and relaxing. good for you! welcome back.

Anonymous said...


* * said...

Dear Suzanne,
These beautiful images of this gorgeous space you enjoyed relaxing with your family suites you so perfectly! How amazing that so many nurturing details were remembered in each room making for such a home-like stay! Your little nature lover is too sweet with such a wee starfish perched on his ear. I can imagine the wisdom to follow your heart in regards to your shop may have blown in across the gentle breeze over the South African waters and gave you this message with its tide. xoxo Love, Nicole

Unschoolers Rock the Campground said...

Your pictures have given me a new place to add to the list of places I want to visit someday! The verandah looks like something from a dream.
I am so happy that you had such a wonderful trip, Suzanne. And just as happy that you are back so we can take these small peeks into your life again.
I always find such a sense of peace here.

Theresa said...

So happy to hear of such a wonderful vacation. I want to go there! Come see, we are having another music giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Raw Food!! Yea!! Check out the 7 day Raw Food Detox from Raw Diva Website~http://therawdivas.com/ These ladies are amazing and started me on my raw food journey 7 months ago. It has changed my life.
Green smoothies are a gift as well~

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo's

Jump into A Book said...

Hi Suzanne. It sounds like you all had such a wonderful time. I'm so glad that you could take this time for yourself. It looks like an absolutely beautiful place. Your journey with raw food sounds like a lot of fun. I look forward to hearing more about that. Take care.

Nicole said...

I have loved your Etsy shop for a long time and Im sad to see it go. I was wondering if you are planning to just close the shop or are you going to sell until sold out. I would love an opportunity to purchase one of your wonderful knitted items before it closes. You also had a fabulous bag in your other Etsy shop. I was wondering if you still have it.
I will still be reading your blog and keeping up with your new adventures. Your picturea are always amazing.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful holiday you had. I grew up in South Africa (unfortunately not in Knysna) and I agree that South Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

You have a beautiful blog!

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