Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cosy all round~

We have seen the middle of our Winter passing and have had some bitter cold days and some glorious warm days. No winter passes without beds wrapped in warmth, breads baked with love, lavender oils burning, baskets of oranges on the ready, knitting in progress racing to be finished and lemons in all their yellow glory hanging heavily from branches begging to be picked. We take advantage of the warm sunny days thrown at us like some gift sent from heaven and picnic all day long lying and chatting and bonding... Having spun this lovely wool, I made a cowl to warm my neck. I guess another 3 are in order as I wore it for the first time yesterday and it got whipped off and claimed by my daughters. All well Love to you Suzanne X


Lori ann said...

dear suzanne,
what a gorgeous post, the title surely describes it well. love the sunshiny photos and your beautiful handspun and cowl. i really love your cowl.
take good care,
xxx lori

Susan said...

I always feel so honored when you share your life with us through your photos. Seeing the lemons (and limes) makes me think of making a wonderful citrus pound cake and your yarn makes me want to pull out my needles to knit--even though I have deadlines to meet for another book. You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers always, Susan

Nichole said...

beautiful and sumptuous

Kelly said...

Hello my sista!
What beautiful days you are enjoying with your family. I love your citrus fruits and the colours of your yarn are so beautiful. Nothing better than handspun. My friend, at last we are coming home. We will be back in Zim end of August. I can't tell you how excited we are to start a new life back in our homeland. Love to you

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Absolutely beautiful.

You do know how to enjoy life and how to weave a magical spell around yourself.



Erin said...

Dear Suzanne,

Such a beautiful description, I can almost smell the oranges and lavender! I wish I could visit your cozy home - what a lovely place.