Friday, July 3, 2009

Care to join me?

I have plans to sit in my favourite spot, calmly have a cup of tea and have my knitting close by. I don't often spoil myself with a cup for one....I brought this old oregon wooden tray on one of my treasure hunts and this old beautiful tin which I use to keep my tea in was an antique market find. I think I will listen to some music and hope that I will not be disturbed in my parlour....Add Image


gardenmama said...

ooo, looks beautiful Suzanne!
I love the old tin, so lovely!
Pour me a cup too : )

suzanne said...

Hello Nichole

Apart from being a market bag and apron horder, I also just LOVE old tins..I have some really special ones that I use for my buttons and pins and ribbons. When I know someone special is coming for tea, I brew a tea pot on top of my wood burning oven. It always tastes so much better....You are most welcome to join me~!

Have a lovely weekend

Warm regards

Linda said...

I will join you for a cup Suz, we must definately do that soon...

suzanne said...

My friend Jane

A cuppa is definitely in order. Once all the Winter germs fly out the window. You know what those are like... Having a cup of tea with a friend has to be one added to my happy list.

Meet with you soon

Pink & Green Mama said...

Yes please!! I just bought a lovely tea cozy for my MIL for her birthday this week. I'm off to pick up some old tea tins from a freecycler today!! Woo-HOO!! : ) Happy 4th.

Ariad said...

Sounds lovely!

Kelly said...

I would love to join you, Suzanne. I love my rooibos so be sure to have some brewing for me when I get there!

suzanne said...

Oh its so nice to see I have a few friendly tea lovers. How wonderful to have tea together. Kelly Organic rooibos is a firm favourite around here. Best brewed. Thank you pink and green Mama.

Happy 4th of July to you too! Happy tin hunting. I can feel the pull for a few new ones myself.

Araid I would love to come over to your house for tea! I would however bring the kids over too. Your blog rocks when it comes to adventure play...

Warm regards