Sunday, November 30, 2008

OH Christmas tree, OH Christmas tree

This has got to be our all time favourite. Decorating the Christmas tree. We found a lovely real tree .The smell of pine needles wafts through the house. The children threaded popcorn . I made our star for the top of the tree. Brogan felt the need to hug our tree. I love the feeling of taking out a decoration and remembering the Christmas you brought it and which child was still a baby. Tradition is special. I made Advent calendars for the children. I wrapped goodies in tissue paper along with poems and Christmas stories. Happy Christmas tree decorating everyone.


Kelly said...

Tradition is indeed special. Your christmas star is beautiful and I love the idea of threading popcorn.
Best wishes for a special Advent!

Linda said...

Oh this is lovely Suz! I love your Christmas star, it's beautiful!!